Special Use Permits

A Special Pak Use in an activity that takes place in a park area and provides a benefit to an individual, group or organization rather than the public at large, requirs written authorization and some degree of management control from the Park Service in order to protect park resources and the public interest: is not prohibited by law or regulation: is no initiated, sponsored, or conducted by the Park Service, and is not managed under a concession contract, is not a receation activity for which the NPS charges a fee, or a lease.

the National Park Service may permit a special park use provided the activity will not cause derogation of the park's resources or values, visitor experiences, or the purposes for which the park was established. When considering an application for a special park use the primary consideration will be the potential of the apecial park use to cause resource damage or the disruption of normal public use.

The following are examples of activities that require a permit:

  • private ceremonies including military ceremonies
  • filming and commercial photography (Some commercial photography is exempt. Please call for more information.)
  • parades
  • meetings
  • exhibitions
  • organized walks or runs
  • use of parking lots for other than visitor parking
  • organized athletic events
  • use of BBQ or other grills
  • musical or theatrical performances, rallies or presentations (see attached information on "First Amendment" activities)
  • any commercial venture
  • conducting research
  • weddings
  • any use that falls outside the hours of operations (sunrise to sundown)
  • any use of a park structure
  • any use of the North Bridge area
  • Any use of a public address system or electronically amplified soud.

"Small scale" special uses may be allowed without a pemit. See link for additional information.

If you are considering using the park for anything beyond the activities associated with a typical visit, please contact the park ahead of time. Follow the link below for additional information on permit applications and instructions for applying for a permit.

Special Use Permit Application

Last updated: November 9, 2018

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