Ranger-led Education Programs

Our ranger-guided, curriculum-based education programs are offered in the fall and the spring.
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A costumed Park Ranger leads students in a military drill activity.

Rebels, Redcoats and Homespun Heroes
Appropriate for grades 3 - 5
Maximum group size: 60
Length: 1 hour (plus 30 minutes for the multimedia presentation)
Cost: $200.00

Spring 2019: Monday - Friday, April 1 - June 14, 2019
This program begins at the Minute Man Visitor Center where students will first view the multimedia presentation "The Road to Revolution." During the ranger-guided portion immediately following, students will encounter a colonial militiaman, British soldier, or Daughter of liberty to hear about the events of April 19, 1775. Through activities such as an 18th century military drill, role playing and examining period items, they will discover often overlooked acts of heroism on the patriot home front, and compare and contrast the experiences and perceptions of British soldiers, colonial militiamen, and colonial women.

Please review the curriculum materials below to prepare for your visit and enrich your students’ experience of the program:

Rebels, Redcoats and Homespun Heroes Pre and Post-Visit Materials

To reserve this program, go to recreation.gov, click on the link "switch to group sales," set up an account and then choose your date and time. Please note that reserving this program through recreation.gov automatically enrolls your group for the multimedia presentation, "The Road to Revolution." You do not need to make a separate reservation for the multimedia presentation.

North Bridge, Concord MA.
Explore the North Bridge Battlefield using first-hand accounts of the action!

Who Shot First?
Appropriate for AP History or Honor students, grades 8 - 12
Maximum group size: 30
Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $200.00

Spring 2019: Not available
Fall 2019: Wednesdays, October 2 - 30

This program begins at North Bridge Visitor Center in Concord where students watch a short video about the North Bridge fight and explore museum exhibits. Students will then tour the North Bridge battlefield with a costumed Park Ranger who will lead a discussion of what happened there on April 19, 1775, using the landscape and other tangible resources to set the stage. The students will then read excerpts of actual first-hand accounts of the battle, identify key details, and draw conclusions based on these accounts. This program ends at North Bridge with a musket firing demonstration.

Please review the curriculum materials below to prepare for your visit and enrich your students’ experience of the program: Who Shot First? Pre and Post-Visit Materials

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