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Minidoka National Historic Site
Trail and Perimeter Fence Plan

Minidoka National Historic Site (formerly Minidoka Internment National Monument) encompasses 300 acres in south central Idaho. Established by presidential proclamation on January 17, 2001 as a national monument and then expanded in 2008 as a national historic site, the park preserves and interprets the historic features and history of the former Minidoka Relocation Center, which over its operation held 13,000 Nikkei (Japanese American citizens and legal resident aliens of Japanese ancestry) from Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska during World War II.

The public is asked to review and comment on this plan. If reviewers do not identify significant environmental impacts, this Environmental Assessment will be used to prepare a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) which will be sent to the National Park Service Pacific West Regional Director for approval. Based on the superintendent's recommendation, the regional director will decide whether to implement the reconstruction of a portion of the historic perimeter fence and whether to construct the trail system as described herein. Upon approval, the selected alternative could then be implemented.

Trail and Perimeter Fence Plan


Last Updated: 02/22/2019 MST