Nisei in Uniform

The "Nisei in Uniform" exhibit tells the story of those that served their country during WWII. The display is at the Minidoka Temporary Visitor Center in Hagerman.

Nisei in uniform exhibit
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The Scrapbooks

Nisei in Uniform - The headlines
This scrapbook contains the headlines relating to the service of Japanese-American soldiers as covered by the Minidoka Irrigator.

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1. Nisei in Uniform - The Headlines

This scrapbook contains the news stories of Japanese-Americans in uniform during the Second World War. The Minidoka Irrigator was published in camp from September, 1942 until July, 1945. The story of Nisei in uniform can be followed in these pages as it was by many of their families in camp. Resolution and readability of the news stories varies based on the quality of the digital image they were clipped from. This archive and much of this exhibit has been brought to you with the help of DENSHO. If you are interested in obtaining copies of these papers or articles, they can be found at their website,

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Nisei in Uniform -The Pictures
This scrapbook contains images of the 442nd and the 100th in action in the European Theater.

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2. Nisei in Uniform - The Pictures

This scrapbook contains images of Japanese-Americans in uniform during the Second World War. Over 33,000 men and women would serve during the war in the 100th Battalion, the 442ndRegiment, the 552 Field Artillery, the Women’s Army Corp, and the Army/Navy Nurses Corps. Many did so even though their families were in WRA relocation camps in the United States. These photos are from the National Archive; they were found and presented here with the help of DENSHO, photo information has been included when possible.

The Display

Nisie in Uniform

3. Go for Broke Backdrop

Nisie in Uniform combat zones

4. Military Theaters of WWII

Why should I have to answer

5. Why should I have to answer that?

Questions of Loyalty

6. Questions of Loyalty

Nisei in the Military Intelligence Service

7. Military Intelligence Service

442 and 100

8. The Nisei Fighting in Europe

Women in Service

9. The Women that served


10. Americanism is not, and never was, a matter of race and ancestry...

The Nisei Congressional Medal

11. The Nisei Congressional Gold Medal

The Congressional Gold Medal
12. The Congressional Gold Medal
Military Awards

13. The Awards of the 442nd

The Honor Roll

14. The Honor Roll

Go for Broke

15. The Go For Broke Boys

American Heroes

16. They believed in America...

John J. McCloy

17. Go for Broke's service

Blue Star Flag

18. A Blue Star in the window

A service flag like the one above was displayed to show that a member of the family was serving in the armed forces of the United States. The color of the star gave an indication to the status of the person currently serving. A blue star for a living family member and a gold star for one that had sacrificed their life. The flags were first used during WWI, but the practice was not standardized until WWII.

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