2017 Teacher-Ranger-Teacher at Minidoka


Create a menu of resources and activities that teachers and parents can adapt to learner needs.


-placed based learning skills strengthened and highlighted
-access to resources from or at Minidoka NHS for classroom inclusion
-new knowledge and skills related to resources at Minidoka NHS
-inform and shape education programs related to Minidoka NHS
Potential Methods (you will help with some, not all):
  • develop and post a list of suggested topics that can be covered using the programs developed both this year in and following years
  • develop and post a background explanation with a 'snap shot' of the activities done at the park so the teachers know what to expect during their visit
  • develop and post a selection of suggested pre-visit activities
  • develop and post a grade level lesson of 30-60 minutes length that will be presented at Minidoka NHS
  • develop and post post-visit activities appropriate to the grade level to follow up on learning started during the park visit to Minidoka NHS

On Site Program project ideas

(you are welcome to suggest others)
  • Create materials to be loaded on-line or on to iPads for visitor and student use
  • Suggest student bibliography, park materials purchases, and methodology for student research projects
  • Materials created may be videos, podcasts, games, scavenger hunts etc.
  • Multiple learning styles to be addressed as well as multiple age levels
  • Projects will be connected to park exhibits in the Visitor Center or on park grounds
  • Projects are to be developed beyond conceptual to actual user ready material.

More Details on How the Program Works

Information on how many work days/hours, how the Continuing Education Credits are earned and the stipend paid are on the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher page.


May 31, 2017 was the deadline. It is unknown if the park will host a 2018 Teacher-Ranger-Teacher.

Last updated: December 7, 2017

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