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The 2016 mid-summer season is shaping up to be very dry. The hot, dry, and breezy conditions in July has resulted in extremely low fuel (vegetation) moistures in the park. Currently, there are fire restrictions in effect.

Please see below for updates on any fire restrictions or other fire related information.



  • No smoking is permitted outside of a vehicle.
  • Open fires are banned in the park. (Self contained charcoal stoves and gas stoves are permitted)

07/16/16 - Fire Restrictions in Mesa Verde National Park

Conditions in the park are extremely dry and the fire danger is currently high. The following fire restrictions take effect on Saturday, July 16, 2016.
♦ No open fires are permitted in the park.
♦ Smoking is permitted only inside a vehicle.

The fire ban will be indefinite in duration and will be in place until the park receives significant moisture. The restrictions include all areas and residences within the park. Self-contained charcoal stoves and gas stoves are permitted at Morefield Campground and the Chapin Mesa picnic area.

The Fire Management Office monitors conditions closely and will allow campfires again, once it is safe to do so.

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