Civil War and Emancipation Day

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Join Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site on April 14, 2012 to commemorate the legacy of the Civil War and Emancipation!

Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site will present programs tracing Mrs. Walker's young life immediately following emancipation, to her success as business entrepreneur, community leader, and early civil rights activist.

The activities are part of a city-wide event sponsored by The Future of Richmond's Past. To learn more, including maps, schedules, and other participating sites, visit the Civil War & Emancipation Day website.


Schedule of Events

All Day Activities
11 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Historic Home Tours: Join rangers on a guided tour of Maggie L. Walker historic home.

Washday: Maggie Walker spent her childhood helping her mother wash laundry for a living. Learn about the dirty and difficult task that shaped Maggie's young life and try your hand at scrubbing clothes on a washboard.

Junior Ranger Program:Become a junior ranger! Kids can earn badges or patches by completing activities in a work book.

"Save a Penny, Save the Earth":Maggie Walker opened a bank to help people "turn nickels into dollars." Using recycled bottles, visitors can make their own banks to take home to save their pennies.

"Lifting as We Climb: Maggie L. Walker's Workforce":An artifact and photographic display about the people who helped make the Independent Order of St. Luke a success.

"Black Business Development in Richmond": Learn about the black-owned business within Richmond from this exhibit presented by the University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship lab.

Hungry?: The Mocha Temple No. 7 will be hosting a fish fry at the Mocha Temple Lot, across from Maggie L. Walker NHS.

Special Programs:

11 A.M. "Meet Maggie Walker" Courtyard

Join Maggie Walker, portrayed by Jil Wilson, to kick off the festivities of Civil War & Emancipation Day.

12 P.M. "In Her Own Words: Speeches of Maggie Lena Walker" Theater

Gather in the site's theater to listen as Jil Wilson recites some of Maggie Walker's most powerful speeches.

12:30 P.M. Tredegar Brass Band Courtyard

Stomp your feet and clap your hands as you listen to melodies from Mrs. Walker's time.

1:30 P.M. The Independent Order of St. Luke Theater

Maggie Walker devoted her life to the Independent Order of St. Luke. In this 30 minute presentation, learn about the goals and mission of the Order during Mrs. Walker's time and after.

2 P.M. "The St. Luke Emporium: A Toehold on Broad Street" Theater

Join the site's curator as he uses historical images to tell the story of the St. Luke Emporium.

2:30 P.M. Jackson Ward Walking Tour Courtyard

Join a park guide for a 35 minute walking tour of Jackson Ward. Learn how the ward got its' name and how 2nd Street became nationally known as "Black Wall Street."

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