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Whig Campaign Token
President Van Buren is smiling here, but pull the tab and find out what happens.

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1840 Presidential Campaign Activity

Interested in learning about what presidential campaigns were like in the mid-1800s? Follow this activity to make a replica of this 1840 campaign token. When you're finished you can find out what happens when you pull the tab. The Whig Party used this token to help defeat Van Buren for reelection. What are the Whigs trying to say about Martin Van Buren with this token?

trading cards
Ask about collecting these trading cards when you stop at the visitor center.

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Trading Cards

Kids and adults love trading cards. You can collect Civil War to Civil Rights trading cards from Martin Van Buren NHS. The park offers five Civil War to Civil Rights trading cards. Collect yours today, when you stop in the visitors center.

Martin Van Buren NHS super scholar certificate
Do you have the history knowledge, detective skill and physical ability to earn a Super Scholar certificate?

National Park Service

Wayside Trail Scavenger Hunt - Timed Challenge

Do you think you have the ability to earn a Martin Van Buren NHS "Super Scholar" certificate? This challenge not only requires a good knowledge of American history and some detective ability, but your physical skill is tested as well.

To earn a Super Scholar certificate you'll first need to find the answers to all the clues along the three quarter mile Wayside Loop Trail. To find the clues takes some history knowledge and ability to spot the answers. You'll need to carefully look at each wayside exhibit along the trail to get the answers. The trick is you'll need to hurry. You have to complete the whole trail and the scavenger hunt in under one hour to earn your certificate. Print out the clues by clicking here or stop at the visitor center and ask the ranger there for one. If you come when the visitor center is closed and succeed just have your parents verify your times with their initials. Snap a picture of your answers and e-mail it to us with your postal address. We'll send your Super Scholar certificate in the U.S. Mail.

Last updated: August 19, 2017

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