Politics and Society in the Mid-1800s

A sketch of Martin Van Buren

Politics and society during Martin Van Buren's time was very different than today. Explore the similarities and differences, and learn how the National Park Service preserves his legacy at Lindenwald.

When Martin Van Buren began his political career, and even into his presidency, America was still a young country. Politics and society were constantly changing. The activities in this unit explore these changes.

During this 45-minute activity, Van Buren’s Scholars will:

  • Read a short biography on America’s 8th President.
  • Study Van Buren's involvement in America’s three branches of government.
  • Learn about Westward Expansion
  • Consider what items an Archaeologist might discover under your home 200 years from now
  • Read about the work of the National Park Service

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Last updated: September 13, 2020

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