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The Places database is designed to store general reference map data appropriate for display on public-facing National Park Service maps. NPMap is working to support two different workflows for contributing and maintaining this data:

Places workflow

In the Places workflow, parks can edit their own data directly in the Places Editor (NPS-only). Currently, updates made in Editor will go live in Park Tiles 3 within 24-48 hours.

If parks have existing datasets they'd like to seed Places with, they can send them, via email, to the NPMap team.

This is the core workflow that is operational for most parks.

GIS workflow

For parks managing their data in a GIS, an alternative workflow that pulls data directly from the GIS can be put into place. Parks that elect to use this workflow will be "locked" in Places Editor; their Places data will be consumed directly from existing GIS databases via an automated, one-way push (GIS --> Places). All edits will be have to go through existing GIS workflows.

This workflow requires a park, region, or program to publish ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online feature services on top of existing GIS databases for points of interest, buildings, trails, roads, and parking lots.

Several National Park Service regional GIS programs have requested this workflow so they can direct all edits through their regional GIS database(s). As a result, all parks in these regions, with a few exceptions for parks working directly with the NPMap team on projects, have been locked in the Places Editor. We are still prototyping this workflow. If you have any questions or feedback about it, feel free to contact your regional GIS coordinator or the NPMap team.

Choosing a workflow

Although some regional offices have requested that all their parks be converted to the GIS workflow, the decision on which workflow is best suited for a park is ultimately up to the park itself. We recommend reaching out to your regional GIS coordinator to discuss the pros and cons of each of the workflows.

If your park would like to switch from one workflow to another, send an email to and we will assist with the transition.