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Park Tiles

Start with a basemap.

Park Tiles is a suite of online basemaps designed to fit the National Park Service’s graphic identity. Built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Park Tiles basemaps can be used as stand-alone reference maps, or customized web maps with additional data overlays. Park Tiles integrates with Places, giving parks complete control over what data appears within their boundaries. Outside of park boundaries, Park Tiles relies on OpenStreetMap data to provide additional context.

Note: The Places database is under active development, and many parks - especially in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain west - are currently devoid of data coverage. If you see an "empty” park in Park Tiles 3, it’s likely a work-in-progress.


Learn more about the design of Park Tiles and how to use it in your own digital maps.

Appropriate usage

Learn the appropriate ways to use Park Tiles.

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Points of interest

Read about why we overlay points of interest as a separate layer and how you can use them.

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Style reference

Learn about the design decisions behind Park Tiles.

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