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NPMap Builder

Build and deploy engaging maps.

NPMap Builder (also known as “Builder”) walks National Park Service (NPS) employees through the process of building beautiful, accessible, and usable maps step-by-step and deploying them to either or a standalone website. Builder uses many of the NPS' mapping tools internally, but wraps them in a simple, targeted interface designed to be used by National Park Service employees who have no experience writing code or building maps.

NPS employees can access the internal version of Builder at (NPS-only) while connected to the agency’s network. A public-facing demo of Builder is available, as well, but it does not support saving maps as this functionality requires a connection to an internal NPS database. The demo can be found here:

Maps developed with Builder can be found all across We are working on a gallery to showcase these maps, and plan on making it available on this website when it’s ready.


Learn how to use Builder to build and deploy beautiful web maps using a variety of data sources.


A detailed walkthrough of the Builder interface.

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Overlay types

Add overlays to your Builder map from a variety of sources.

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Popups and tooltips

Format the content inside your map popups and tooltips.

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