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The Clinton Engineer Works, which became the Oak Ridge Reservation, was the administrative and military headquarters for the Manhattan Project and home to more than 75,000 people who built and operated the city and industrial complex in the hills of East Tennessee.

The Oak Ridge Reservation included three parallel industrial processes for uranium enrichment and experimental plutonium production.

The Oak Ridge site includes

  • X-10 Graphite Reactor National Historic Landmark, a pilot nuclear reactor which produced small quantities of plutonium;
  • Buildings 9731 and 9204-3 at the Y-12 complex, home to the electromagnetic separation process for uranium enrichment;
  • K-25 Building site, where gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment technology was pioneered. Buildings 9731, 9204-3 and K-25 together enriched a portion of the material for the uranium bomb.

A virtual tour of the K-25 Building can be found at the new K-25 virtual Museum website.

Oak Ridge Graphite Reactor
Oak Ridge Graphite Reactor


Tour Information

Oak Ridge Reservation bus tour is included in the price of admission to the American Museum of Science and Energy, and includes a 3-hour tour of:
  • X-10 Graphite Reactor
  • New Bethel Church at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • K-25 History Center
  • Y-12 New Hope History Center
The tour runs March through November. Dates and times vary from week to week. Please contact the American Museum of Science & Energy for the latest information.
Please note: Participants must be United States citizens.

Explore Oak Ridge provides information on lodging, activities, and restaurants in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge

Visitor Contact Station
(Children's Museum of Oak Ridge)

The visitor contact station for Oak Ridge is located at Children's Museum of Oak Ridge. For information on operating hours, contact information, and directions, please click here.

Last updated: August 12, 2020

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This phone number is for the Los Alamos Unit Visitor Center. You may also contact the Oak Ridge Unit Visitor Center at (865) 482-1942, or the Hanford Unit Visitor Center at (509) 376-1647.

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