Loaded Words: Using Denotation and Connotation

[Secondary LESSON PLAN: Loaded Words]

Directions: Read each list of words below. Each word has a different connotation, but has the same general denotation. Decide what the general denotation is for each group. Write your answer on the line provided. Then, number the words in each group from most positive connotation to most negative connotation.


3. thin

4. bony

1. slim

5. anorexic

2. slender

____thin____ (general denotation)

___ imprison

___ relocate

___ incarcerate

___ intern

___ evacuate

___ detain

___ lock-up

___ confine

____________ (general denotation)

___ uprising

___ riot

___ demonstration

___ unlawful gathering

___ protest

___ disturbance

____________ (general denotation)

___ prisoner

___ evacuee

___ internee

___ detainee

___ inmate

____________ (general denotation)

___ guerilla

___ freedom fighter

___ mercenary

___ soldier

___ terrorist

____________ (general denotation)

internment camps

detention camps

assembly centers

concentration camps

prison camps

relocation centers

temporary detention centers

____________ (general denotation)

Write one or two "loaded words" of your own:

After everyone has completed the above, discuss why the term "concentration camps" is so controversial. How did the meaning of this term change after World War II? While you are waiting for others to finish, jot your ideas here:

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