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Los Angeles Community Partners Volunteers


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Organized groups are essential for supporting the NPS mission of preserving natural and cultural resources while providing for the enjoyment and education of this and future generations. Examples of group volunteer community service projects at Manzanar include invasive plant species removal, trail maintenance, brush removal, and various other maintenance duties. There is typically a 5 hour minimum commitment and 2 month advanced notice for service projects as staff is limited.

Groups can also participate in some of our big projects and volunteer days we have planned throughout the year. To learn more about our upcoming opportunities, check out Manzanar's Volunteer Days page.

For more information on volunteering as an organized group, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Manzanar NHS

Phone: 760-878-2194 ext. 3314
Fax: 760-878-2949

Last updated: June 14, 2017

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