Union Order of Battle - Second Manassas

Army of Virginia

Major General John Pope

Headquarters Escort:
1st Ohio Cavalry (Cos. A & C)
5th New York Cavalry (7 cos.)
36th Ohio: Colonel George Crook

First Corps:

Major General Franz Sigel
Headquarters Escort:
1st Indiana Cavalry (Cos. I & K)

First Division: BG Robert C. Schenck (W), BG Julius Stahel

  • First Brigade: BG Julius Stahel, Col Adolphus Buschbeck
    8th New York: LtCol Carl B. Hedterich
    41st New York: LtCol Ernest W. Holmstedt
    45th New York: LtCol Edward W. Wratislaw
    27th Pennsylvania: Col Buschbeck, LtCol Lorenz Cantador

  • Second Brigade:Col Nathaniel C. McLean
    25th Ohio: Col William P. Richardson
    55th Ohio: Col John C. Lee
    73rd Ohio: Col Orland Smith
    75th Ohio: Maj Robert Reily
  • Artillery:
    Battery K, 1st Ohio Artillery: Lt George B. Haskin
    2nd New York Light: Capt Louis Shirmer (attached to 1st brigade)

Second Division: BG Adolph von Steinwehr

  • First Brigade:Col John A. Koltes(k) LtCol Gustavus A. Muhleck
    29th New York: Col Clemens Soest(w), Maj Louis Hartman
    68th New York: LtCol John H. Kleefisch
    73rd Pennsylvania: LtCol Muhleck

Third Division: BG Carl Schurz

  • First Brigade:Col Alexander Schimmelfenning
    61st Ohio: LtCol S.J. McGroarty
    74th Pennsylvania: Maj Franz Blessing
    8th West Virginia: Capt Hedgman Slack
    Battery F, Pennsylvania Artillery: Capt Robert B. Hampton
  • Second Brigade:Col Wladimir Krzyzanowski
    54th New York: LtCol Charles Ashby
    58th New York: Maj William Henkel(w)
    Capt Frederick Braun
    75th Pennsylvania: LtCol Francis Mahler
    Battery L, 2nd New York Artillery: Capt Jacob Roemer

  • Unattached:
    Troop C, 3rd West Virginia Cavalry: Capt Jonathan Stahl
    Battery I, 1st Ohio Artillery: Capt Hubert Dilger
  • Independent Brigade:BG Robert H. Milroy
    2nd West Virginia: Col George R. Latham
    3rd West Virginia: Col David T. Hewes
    5th West Virginina: Col John L. Zeigler
    82nd Ohio: Col James Cantwell(k), LtCol James S. Robinson
    Troops C, E, and L, 1st West Virginia Cavalry: Maj John S. Krepps
    12th Ohio Battery: Capt Aaron C. Johnson
  • Cavalry Brigade:Col John Beardsley
    1st Connecticut Battalion
    1st Maryland: LtCol Charles Wetschky
    4th New York: LtCol Ferris Nazer
    9th New York: Maj Charles Knox
    6th Ohio: Col William R. Lloyd
  • Reserve Artillery:Capt Frank Buell, Capt Louis Schirmer
    Battery I, 1st New York Light: Capt Michael Wiedrich
    13th New York: Capt Julius Dieckmann
    Battery C, West Virginia Artillery: Lt Wallace Hill

Third Corps:

Major General Irvin McDowell

First Division: BG Rufus King (ill), BG John P. Hatch (w), BG Abner Doubleday

  • First Brigade:BG Hatch (w), Col Timothy Sullivan
    22nd New York: Col Walter Phelps, Jr.
    24th New York: Col Timothy Sullivan, LtCol Samuel Beardsley (w)
    Maj Andrew Barney (w)
    30th New York: Col Edward Frisby
    84th New York (14th Militia): LtCol E.B. Fowler (w), Maj W.H. de Bevois
    2nd United States Sharpshooters: Col Henry A.V. Post

  • Second Brigade: BG Abner Doubleday, Col William P. Wainwright
    56th Pennsylvania: Col Sullivan A. Meredith (w), LtCol J.W. Hoffmann
    76th New York: Col Wainwright, Maj Charles E. Livingstone
    95th New York: LtCol James B. Post
  • Third Brigade: BG Marsena R. Patrick
    21st New York: Col William F. Rogers
    23rd New York: LtCol Nirom M. Crane
    35th New York: Col Newton B. Lord
    80th New York (20th Militia): Col G.W. Pratt (mw), LtCol T.B. Gates
  • Fourth Brigade: BG John Gibbon
    2nd Wisconsin: Col Edgar O'Conner (k), LtCol Lucius Fairchild
    6th Wisconsin: Col Lysander Cutler (w), LtCol Edward S. Bragg
    7th Wisconsin: Col W.W. Robinson (w), LtCol C.A. Hamilton (w)
    19th Indiana: Col Solomon Meredith

  • Artillery:
    1st New Hampshire: Capt George A. Gerrish, Lt Frederick M. Edgell
    Battery D, 1st Rhode Island: Capt J. Albert Monroe
    Battery L, 1st New York: Capt John A. Reynolds
    Battery B, 4th United States: Capt Joseph B. Campbell

Second Division: Brigadier General James B. Ricketts

  • First Brigade:BG Abram Duryea
    97th New York: LtCol John P. Spofford
    104th New York: Maj Lewis C. Skinner
    105th New York: Col Howard Carroll
    107th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas F. McCoy

  • Second Brigade:BG Zealous B. Tower (w), Col. William H. Christian
    26th New York: Col Christian, LtCol Richard H. Richardson
    94th New York: Col Adrian R. Root
    88th Pennsylvania: LtCol J.A. McLean (k), Maj George W. Gile
    90th Pennsylvania: Col Peter Lyle
  • Third Brigade:Col John W. Stiles
    12th Massachusetts: Col Fletcher Webster (k), LtCol T.M. Bryan, Jr.
    13th Massachusetts: Col Samuel H. Leonard
    83rd New York (9th Militia): LtCol William Atterbury
    11th Pennsylvania: Col Richard Coulter
  • Fourth Brigade:Col Joseph Thoburn
    7th Indiana: LtCol John F. Cheek
    84th Pennsylvania: Col Samuel M. Bowman
    110th Pennsylvania: Col William D. Lewis, Jr.
    1st West Virginia: LtCol Henry B. Hubbard
  • Artillery
    2nd Maine Light: Capt James A. Hall
    5th Maine Light: Capt G.F. Leppien
    Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania: Capt Ezra W. Matthews
    Battery C, Pennsylvania: Capt James Thompson
  • Cavalry Brigade (Temporarily attached):BG George D. Bayard
    1st Maine: Col Samuel H. Allen
    2nd New York: Col J. Mansfield Davies
    1st New Jersey: LtCol Joseph Karge, Maj Ivins. D. Jones
    1st Pennsylvania: Col Owen Jones
    1st Rhode Island: Col A.N. Duffie

Pennsylvania Reserves: Brigadier General John F. Reynolds

  • First Brigade: Brigadier General George G. Meade

    3rd Pennsylvania Reserves
    4th Pennsylvania Reserves
    7th Pennsylvania Reserves
    8th Pennsylvania Reserves
    13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles)
  • Second Brigade: Brigadier General Truman Seymour

    1st Pennsylvania Reserves
    2nd Pennsylvania Reserves
    5th Pennsylvania Reserves
    6th Pennsylvania Reserves
  • Third Brigade: Brigadier General Conrad F. Jackson

    9th Pennsylvania Reserves
    10th Pennsylvania Reserves
    11th Pennsylvania Reserves
    12th Pennsylvania Reserves
  • Artillery: Captain Dunvar R. Ransom

    1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery A
    1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery B
    1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery G
    5th U.S. Artillery, Battery C

Army of the Potomac

Third Corps:

Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman
Headquarters Escort
5th New Cavalry (3 cos.)

First Division: Major General Philip Kearny

  • First Brigade:BG John C. Robinson
    20th Indiana: Col William L. Brown (k), Maj John Wheeler
    30th Ohio (6 cos.): LtCol Theodore Jones
    63rd Pennsylvania:col Alexander Hays (w), Capt James F. Ryan (w)
    105th Pennsylvania: LtCol C.A. Craig (w), Maj J.W. Greenwalt
  • Second Brigade:BG David B. Birney
    3rd Maine: Capt Moses B. Lakeman
    4th Maine: Col Elijah Walker
    1st New York: Maj Edwin Burt
    38th New York: Col John Henry Hobart Ward
    40th New York: Col Thomas W. Egan
    101st New York: LtCol Nelson A. Gesner
    57th Pennsylvania: Maj William Birney
  • Third Brigade:Col Orlando M. Poe
    37th New York: Col Samuel B. Hayman
    99th Pennsylvania: Col Asher S. Leidy
    2nd Michigan: LtCol Louis Dillman
    3rd Michigan: Col S.G. Champlin (w), Maj Byron R. Pierce
    5th Michigan: Capt William Wakenshaw
  • Artillery Battery E, 1st Rhode Island: Capt George E. Randolph
    Battery K, 1st United States: Capt William M. Graham

Second Division: Major General Joseph Hooker

  • First Brigade:BG Cuvier Grover
    2nd New Hampshire: Col Gilman Marston
    1st Massachusetts: Col Robert Cowdin
    11th Massachusetts: Col William Blaisdell
    16th Massachusetts: Maj Gardner Banks
    26th Pennsylvania: Maj Robert L. Bodine
  • Second Brigade:Col Nelson Taylor
    70th New York: Capt Charles L. Young
    71st New York: Capt Owen Murphy
    72nd New York: Capt Harman J. Bliss
    73rd New York: Capt M.W. Burns
    74th New York: Maj Edward L. Price
  • Third Brigade:Col Joseph B. Carr
    2nd New York: Capt Sidney W. Park
    5th New Jersey: LtCol W.J. Sewell
    6th New Jersey: Col Gershom Mott (w), LtCol G.C. Burling
    7th New Jersey: Col Joseph W. Revere
    8th New Jersey: LtCol William Ward (w), Capt John Tuite (k),
    Capt George Hoffman (w), Capt O.S. Johnson, Capt Daniel Blauvelt, Jr.
    115th Pennsylvania: LtCol Robert Thompson
  • Artillery 6th Maine Battery: Capt Freeman McGilvery

Fifth Corps:

Major General Fitz John Porter

First Division: Major General George W. Morell

  • First Brigade: Col Charles W. Roberts
    2nd Maine: Maj Daniel F. Sargent
    18th Massachusetts: Maj Joseph Hayes
    22nd Massachusetts: Capt Mason W. Burt
    13th New York: Col Elisha G. Marshall
    25th New York: Col Charles A. Johnson
    1st Michigan: Col H.S. Roberts (k), Capt E.W. Belton
  • Second Brigade: BG Charles Griffin
    9th Massachusetts: Col Patrick R. Guiney
    32nd Massachusetts: Col Francis J. Parker
    14th New York: Col James McQuade
    62nd Pennsylvania: Col Jacob B. Sweitzer
    4th Michigan: Col Jonathan W. Childs
  • Third Brigade: BG Daniel Butterfield, Col H.A. Weeks (w), Col James C. Rice
    12th New York: Col Weeks (w), Capt. A.I. Root (w), Capt William Huson
    17th New York: Col Henry A. Lansing, Maj W.T.C. Grower (w), Capt John Vickers
    44th New York: Col Rice, Maj Freeman Conner
    83rd Pennsylvania: LtCol H.S. Campbell (w), Maj William R. Lamont (w), Capt John Graham,
    Capt O.S.N. Woodward
    16th Michigan: Capt Thomas J. Barry, Capt Henry H. Sibley
    1st U.S. Sharpshooters: Col Hiram Berdan
  • Artillery:
    3rd Massachusetts: Capt Augustus P. Martin
    Battery C, 1st Rhode Island: Capt Richard Waterman
    Battery D, 5th United States: Lt Charles E. Hazlett

Second Division: Brigadier General George W. Sykes

  • First Brigade: LtCol Robert C. Buchanan
    3rd United States: Capt John D. Wilkins
    4th United States: Capt J.B. Collins
    12th United States (1st Battalion): Capt Matthew M. Blunt
    14th United States (1st Battalion): Capt J.D. O'Connell (w), Capt W.H. Brown
    14th United States (2nd Battalion): Capt David B. McKibbin
  • Second Brigade: LtCol William Chapman
    Company G, 1st United States: Capt Matthew R. Marston
    2nd United States: Maj Charles S. Lovell
    6th United States: Capt Levi C. Bootes
    10th United States: Maj Charles S. Lovell
    11th United States: Maj Delancey Floyd-Jones
    17th United States: Maj George L. Andrews
  • Third Brigade: Col Gouverneur K. Warren
    5th New York: Capt Cleveland Winslow
    10th New York: Col John E. Bendix
  • Artillery: Capt Stephen H. Weed
    Batteries E and G, 1st United States: Lt Alanson M. Randol
    Battery I, 5th United States: Capt Weed
    Battery K, 5th United States: Capt John R. Smead (k), Lt W.E. Van Reed
  • Reserve Corps (Temporarily attached):BG Samuel D. Sturgis
    Piatt's Brigade:BG A. Sanders Piatt
    63rd Indiana (4 companies): LtCol John S. Williams
    86th New York: Col Benajah P. Bailey

Ninth Corps:

Major General Jesse L. Reno

First Division: Major General Isaac I. Stevens

  • First Brigade: Col Benjamin C. Christ
    50th Pennsylvania: LtCol T.S. Brenholtz, Maj Edward Overton, Jr.
    8th Michigan: LtCol Frank Graves
  • Second Brigade: Col David Leasure (w), LtCol David A. Leckey
    46th New York (5 cos.): Col Rudolph Rosa (w), Maj Julius Parcus
    100th Pennsylvania: LtCol Leckey, Capt J.E. Cornelius
  • Third Brigade: Col Addison Farnsworth
    28th Massachusetts: Maj G.W. Cartwright
    79th New York: LtCol David Morrison
  • Artillery:
    Battery E, 2nd United States: Lt Samuel N. Benjamin

Second Division: MG Jesse L. Reno

  • First Brigade: Col James Nagle
    6th New Hampshire: Col Simon G. Griffin
    48th Pennsylvania: LtCol Joshua K. Sigfried 2nd Maryland: LtCol J. Eugene Duryea
  • Second Brigade: Col Edward Ferrero
    21st Massachusetts: Col William S. Clark
    51st New York: LtCol Robert B. Potter
    51st Pennsylvania: Col John F. Hartranft
  • Artillery:
    Battery D, Pennsylvania Light: Capt George W. Durell

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