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Manassas National Battlefield Park Artist-in-Residence Program

Thank you for your interest in Manassas National Battlefield Park's Artist-in-Residence program.

The application period for the 2018 Artist-in-Residence Program is now closed. Please check back Fall 2018 for the 2019 application.

To Apply:
1) Read all information provided on this page.
2) Become familiar with the park's interpretive themes and existing programs.
3) Follow and complete application process and submit.

Program Description:
The Artist in Residence program at Manassas National Battlefield Park was founded in 2016 and is open to students and professional artists who are over the age of 16 and US citizens. The program provides time for artists to get away from everyday responsibilities to focus on their surroundings and their medium. Artists will translate the meanings and significance (themes) of Manassas National Battlefield Park into artistic expressions within their chosen art medium. Manassas National Battlefield Park’s Artist-in-Residence program is two-weeks long. Program dates will be selected by the park and selected artist. No stipend is provided.

Residency Requirements:
> Explore Manassas National Battlefield Park’s historical and natural themes through your work
> Donate one piece of artwork to the park's collection

The mission of Manassas National Battlefield Park is to preserve the historic landscape containing historic sites, buildings, objects and views that contribute to the natural significance of the First and Second Battles of Manassas, for the use, inspiration and benefit of the public.

Public Presentation
The Artist-In-Residence Program aspires to share with the public the history and scenic beauty of Manassas National Battlefield Park through the world of art. Artists will be encouraged to interact with park visitors on site. Artists will also be encouraged to host a presentation/art showcase for the public or park staff on his or her medium, interests and experiences. This interaction can be tailored to an individual’s medium, interest, and experience using only a few hours of one’s stay. Programs can be demonstrations, talks, exploratory walks, or performances. Artists must provide their own supplies and equipment for these presentations.

Artwork Donations
Selected artists participating in Manassas National Battlefield Park’s Artist-In- Residence Program are asked to donate to the Park an original piece of work from, and representative of their residency in the battlefield which will serve to promote and celebrate the Park. Donated artwork must be received no later than six months after an artist's residency. Artists are required to sign a contract to provide the copyright for this artwork to the National Park Service. All submissions and agreements are maintained as part of the park's museum collections. Artwork may be used in exhibits, educational programs, commercial publications, public affairs, fundraising efforts, and by National Park Service Friend’s Groups for their products. Commercial use of the original artwork will be decided upon by the park and selected artist.

Amenities Provided:
Subject to availability and need, the park offers housing at no cost to the artist. Housing is more likely to be available during the winter, spring and fall. Housing is fully furnished with heat and air conditioning. Basic cooking equipment is also provided. No additional studio space is available. Artists need to bring bedding, personal gear, food and art supplies. All transportation is the responsibility of the artist. All artists are enrolled in the park's Volunteers In Parks (VIP) program and are covered under Worker's Compensation for any injuries incurred under the scope of their residency.

Selection Process:
Submissions will be reviewed in December of each year with artist notification on or before Janurary 5th. Selections will be based upon artistic integrity, ability to interpret park themes, ability to connect and relate their artwork to visitors, and the willingness to donate a finished, original piece of artwork which was inspired during the artist's residency. All art forms are considered except those that manipulate or disturb the park's environment.

Past Artists

Check out the park's past Artist-in-Residence participants!


Roxanne Steed
Roxanne exploring the Bluebells at the Stone Bridge.

Roxanne Steed

Roxanne Steed

Roxanne was the park's very first Artist-in-Residence! During her stay in the park she produced several watercolor paintings of landscapes and historic park buildings. She also offered a public program, "Nature Sketchbook Journaling," where she taught basic drawing and quick intuitive watercolor techniques. Roxanne donated a oil painting based on one of her watercolor paintings to the park. Read more about Roxanne's residency at her blog. What is she up to now? Check out her website!
Roxanne Painting
Roxanne painting at Portici.

Roxanne Steed

Linda Johnston
Linda Johnston

Linda is a local Manassas author and artist. During her time in the park she created watercolor paintings and mix-media pieces. She offered two public programs: "Journaling on the Battlefield" and "Nature Journaling." "Journaling on the Battlefield" gave visitors the opportunity to read primary sourced Civil War journal entries and imagine they were a soldier as they tried their hand at writing a battle journal entry. What is a Nature Journal? A Nature Journal is a place to grow your thoughts, feelings, ideas, activities, observations, and relationship with the natural world. And, it is an opportunity to interpret your inner thoughts out into the natural world and a space where the natural world can flow into you and leave a permanent mark. Linda's "Nature Journaling" program gave visitors the chance to begin their very own Nature Journal. At the conclusion of her residency, Linda donated three mixed media pieces about her time at the battlefield to the park. Read more about Linda's residency at her blog. What is she up to now? Check out her website!
Johnston Journal
Donated Nature Journal

Linda Johnston

Cynthia Rusnak
Cynthia Rusnak working on her Bobwhite Quail sculpture outside the Henry Hill visitor center.

Cynthia Rusnak

Cynthia Rusnak

Cynthia's artist medium was stone. She hauled a 75 pound stone of purple Alabaster from Ohio for her residency! During her time here in the park, she set up her work studio directly outside of the Henry Hill Visitor Center. There she was able to be inspired by the outdoors and the park while working on her Bobwhite Quail sculpture. Being outside of the visitor center also allowed visitors to ask her about her work and as well as the monunments found throughout the park. Cynthia chose the Bobwhite Quail as the inspiration for her piece because it is a species of bird that the park focuses heavily on for population and habitat management.
Cynthia Rusnak Sculpture
Cynthia Rusnak's Bobwhite Quail sculpture.

Cynthia Rusnak

Jenn Cacciola during her residency.
Jenn Cacciola

Jenn is an artist from New York City. She works with a variety of mediums including sculpture, sewing, painting and installation. During her time in the park, Jenn focused mainly on tapestry. She also spent many hours in the park's library researching primary sources from the civil war which were used to inspire her work. She will be donating a tapestry to the park. What is she up to now? Check out her website!
The Wall by Jenn Cacciola
The Wall by Jenn Cacciola

The Wall by Jenn Cacciola

Alyssa Shermer sketching at Brownsville pond.
Alyssa Shermer

Alyssa was the park's first student Artist-in-Residence! Alyssa completed her residency the summer prior to her freshman year of college. During her time here, Alyssa explored the park taking pictures and sketching natural resources and historic structures. Alyssa donated a painting to the park.

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