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Long before the establishment of Mammoth Cave National Park, the town of Glasgow Junction, now Park City, cooperated with the private owners of Mammoth Cave and other caves in the area in sharing this region with travelers. They were connected by mutual financial interest, family relationships, community, and a modest spur line, the Mammoth Cave Railroad. Today Mammoth Cave National Park and National Park Concessions, Inc. celebrate that legacy of cooperation and hospitality with the reopening of the old railroad corridor. Enjoy your travels along this historic path.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this trail follows portions of the original Mammoth Cave Railroad line, this is not a uniformly flat, level trail. You are traveling in hilly country, and must ascend and descend grades that can in places be steep and difficult. Between the Furlong Cemetery spur trail and Shackleford Cemetery, you MUST dismount your bicycle and walk it along the designated area of trail.

The exact route of the Mammoth Cave Railroad could not be completely duplicated due to the development of state and park roads since the railroad's closure. Your route today will require crossing these roads at several places. Please use extreme caution at road crossings. If you are enjoying the trail with children, be especially aware and do not let them ride ahead.

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Last updated: May 30, 2018

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