Mammoth Cave NP Cemetery Database

Joppa Church and Cemetery in Mammoth Cave National Park
Cemetery at Joppa Church in Mammoth Cave National Park

Welcome to the Mammoth Cave National Park Cemetery Database. At one time, several communities called the lands of the park home, and today some of the most poignant reminders of their lives here are the burial grounds still to be found along the roads and trails, and among the trees.

This is a prototype interface to help you navigate through the known information about the burials within the park. The database is by no means complete. Careful inventory of cemeteries is cost- and labor-intensive, and we hope that users of this database who have records covering any of the undocumented cemeteries or burials will share that information with us for inclusion in this database so that we can preserve a clearer memory of the communities that once lived here.

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Last updated: May 23, 2018

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