Forest Festival Weekend

Forest Festival Collage
Photo credits: John Gilbert Fox

Events at the National Park are free (unless otherwise noted). Admission fee for the Billings Farm & Museum.

September 23 & 24, 2017
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
Information 802-457-3368 x222

Take a horse-drawn wagon ride, enjoy hands on craft activities, forest history, and woodworking demonstrations among the glory of the fall foliage.


Explore your park in its fall glory while exploring forest history, ecology and art. Horse drawn wagon rides, woodworking and portable sawmill demonstrations, hikes with foresters, wood crafts for kids, and more! (Park admission and activities free.)

Visit the Vermont Fine Furniture & Woodworking Festival with furniture makers and wood artisans at the Billings Farm & Museum (entrance fee).
Vermont Fine Furniture and Woodworking Festival.

A new twist on Forest Festival - We are excited to collaborate with the Billings Farm & Museum on this year's Forest Festival. Enjoy and shop for fine Vermont wood products at the Billings Farm & Museum exhibit hall and grounds then cross the road to the national park for more fun!

BOTH SATURDAY & SUNDAY September 24 & 25
wooden spoons
Photo credit: A Souligny
Carve Your Own Wooden Spoon Workshop
Time: 10:30am AND 2:30pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Join Andre Souligny of for this 90 minute workshop on wooden spoon carving. Classes at 10:30am and 2:30pm both days. Limit 8 participants per class, ages 14 and up, fee of $25 per student. Register through the Vermont Wood Manufacturer's Association.
Ranger Led Tours at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
NPS Photo
Ranger-Guided Nature Programs
Time: Every hour on the hour 11am till 4pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Join a ranger for a 30-45 program about a special nature topic, from bird nests to squirrels.
Road through the Forest
NPS Photo
Coffee With Your New Windsor County Forester
Time: 10-10:30am
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center

What does a county forester do? Meet AJ Follensbee, the new Windsor County Forester, and chat in the Carriage Barn Visitor Center about your forest management over coffee. Then take a hike with AJ (see below).

Hike with the New Windsor County Forester
Time: 10:30-Noon
Carriage Barn Visitor Center
Join AJ Follensbee on a short hike through the historic Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller forest, the birthplace of George Perkins Marsh and considered to be the oldest continuously managed forest in North America. Learn how active forest management can create beautiful landscapes and produce timber at the same time.

sawmill demonstrations
Portable sawmill demonstration NPS Photo
Woodcraft Demonstration
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Vermont Woodworkers create unique wooden products and discuss the art and value of this sustainable craft. Bowls, furniture, and other woodenware will be made for all to see.

Portable Sawmill Demonstration
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Pony Pasture

See logs transformed into lumber at a portable sawmill. These small mills are able to travel to locations with relatively few logs and saw them into lumber that can be used onsite.

Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald Ash Borer - Invasive Species
Invasives at Your Doorstep
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Not all green is good. Some plants and insects threaten the health of the forests. Learn how to identify these invaders and what you can do to protect our woodlands, yards, and parks. Sponsored by VT Invasive First Detectors, and The VT Dept of Forests, Park and Recreation.
Jr Rangers program
Junior Ranger program NPS Photo

Junior Ranger Program: Habitat is Where it's At!
Time: 2pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Young Rangers are invited to learn about forest critters, habitats, and the life in a log and earn a Junior Ranger badge.

Forest Quest (Self-guided)
Location: Request at Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Seek out treasures hidden in the Mount Tom Forest. Activities and riddles will reveal clues to help you unravel the forest's mysteries. Appropriate for all ages.
Creating a wooden bird house
Creating a wooden birdhouse Photo credit: John Gilbert Fox
Woodworking is for the Birds
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: Pony Pasture Area

Assemble, decorate, and take home a birdhouse using lumber harvested and cut here in the park and milled at last year's Forest Festival. Supplies are limited. One per family.
Horse Drawn Wagon Ride Credit John Gilbert Fox
Horse drawn wagon rides at the park Photo credit: John Gilbert Fox
Horse Drawn Wagon Rides
Time: Noon to 4pm
Location: Pickup/depart Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Ride in a horse-drawn wagon with a park ranger to explore areas of the forest and visit the Pony Pasture activity hub.
Family wood crafting activity
Photo credit: John Gilbert Fox
Wood Crafting and Family Activities
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: Pony Pasture

Make a walking stick, decorate wood medallions, and play with wooden games. Jump into animal Olympics, watch a puppet show or embark on a forest scavenger hunt.
kids with horse logger
Photo credit: John Gilbert Fox
Horse-Powered Logging
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Mountain Road

Meet some Vermont draft horses at work in the woods. Visit with horse loggers Ben Canonica and John Hanley (with horses Ros and Jo) and learn about low impact forestry.
SATURDAY, September 24 ONLY
Incredible Trees
Time: 2:30pm-4pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center
Join retired Windsor County Forester Jon Bouton for a forest meander, featuring tree identification, ecology and how humans use various species.
SUNDAY, September 25 ONLY
Trees Collage

Understanding the Forested Landscape
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: Carriage Barn Visitor Center
Wander the woods with Walter Poleman, Field Naturalist. Discover the Park's diverse forest communities and history etched in the land. A 1-hour indoor program followed by 2-hour walk.
Reservations are recommended.

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