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The list below displays a new item at the top, but is arranged by grade level.

Close-up shot of three yellowish-orange mushrooms growing out of the brown mulchy earth.


A Forest Year: Soils Unit (1st grade)
An interdisciplinary unit created by JoAnn Kruzshak

A bright orange monarch butterfly with black and white markings on its wings rests on vibrant green leaves.

E Sharron

Soils, Insects and Forests (3rd grade)
A science unit created by Sarah Woodhead

Silvery water flows over green moss-covered stones and logs in a small brook, icicles visible on twigs above.

E Sharron

Forest Forays: Exploring the Pieces, Patterns and Processes of Barnard Brook (6th grade)
An interdisciplinary unit created by Rob Hanson

Carbon Cycle
Climate Change and Phenology
(Middle School and High School)

Link to a video produced by Vermont Public Television
Teacher's Guide developed by Melissa Fellows and Jennifer Stainton

A young boy in a bright blue t-shirt and orange-billed baseball cap sits cross-legged on a grassy lawn in front of a majestic silver maple.

R Hanson

The Mathematics of Forestry (7th grade)
A mathematics unit created by Debra Pelkey

View of bare treetops from below, a cold blue sky behind them.


A Legacy of Stewardship (7th grade)
How can we use our forest sustainably? An english and global studies unit created by Wanda Stetson

Students at Marsh-Billings Rockefeller NHP

Mt Tom, From Farm to Forest: Exploring Changes in Land Use in New England (7th grade)
A interdisciplinary unit by Debra Pelkey

Students at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP

J. Haley

Our Unique Place (7th grade)
An interdisciplinary unit by Anne Lessard and Rachael Gustaveson. Every place has unique features and needs exploring.

A blond woman kneels on the forest floor, breaking apart rich brown soil in her hands.


What are the Pieces, Patterns and Processes of a Natural Community? (7th & 8th grades)
A science unit created by Sandra Fary

Guinea Fowl at King Farm

A. Foster

An Exploration of the Natural Landscape and Agricultural History of the King Farm. (High School)
A unit created by Alison Foster.

Students outdoor laboratory

The Mercury Project (9th & 10th grades)
A science research unit

teepees - sculpture

K Robbins

Creating Sculptures From Natural Materials (High School)
This unit developed by art teacher Katrina Jimerson has students use place and sculpture to consider the question: How can I positively impact viewers and encourage them to notice what they might otherwise overlook?

bridge writing

K Robbins

Dickinson, Frost, and You in Dialogue across Time and Place (10th Grade)
An American Literature unit developed by Martha Perkins that is rooted in time, place, and poetry.


NPS Photo

Nature, Art and Conservation at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park (11th grade)
This unit by Susan Piccoli, has the main objective of showing how nature inspired artists and how their art helped inspire the conservation movement.

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