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July 07, 2014 Posted by: S Martin

My name is Sarah Martin and I would like to tell you my story.

You see, I was hired through the Student Conservation Association (the SCA) to Mentor 4 interns under the George Perkins Marsh program this summer, here at Marsh-Billings Rockefeller NHP. But this is not where the story begins. I should tell you that this whole National Park thing is not new to me. In fact, I have been working for the Service for the last 6 years, and let’s just say it has been quite an adventure!!!

I started off volunteering at New Bedford Whaling NHP in New Bedford Massachusetts when I was 16 years old. A year later, my supervisor told me about this opportunity out of Lowell, Massachusetts with the SCIP program. I soon found out that SCIP stood for the Student Career Intake Program, and was an opportunity to work with other youth my age and travel around New England to explore career paths within the NPS. To top it off, I would get PAID!

So in the summer of 2010, I started my adventure. As a four-year program, SCIP taught me a lot about myself, professionally and personally. I met so many amazing people, created a network, and harnessed skills that I didn’t even realize I possessed.

Sort of bittersweet, my journey with SCIP ended last summer. But that is not where my story ends.

Rather, that is where it begins.

For this summer ,having finished my Senior year at Bridgewater State University, I was uncertain where my path would turn. And then it hit me, on no other place than FaceBook:

Amy Glowacki, my SCIP Mentor had put a status up with a job posting for a Student Conservation Association position in Vermont.

Having visited Vermont with SCIP more than once, I found the National Park there to be my favorite out of all New England. The parks theme of conservation and stewardship always fascinated me. But I was not sure about the SCA. I have worked with members of the SCA before, and I was skeptical to take the position for financial reasons. But I continued to read on:

“You will mentor four interns through a career exploration experience that enables learning about all of the jobs that are available in National Parks, including interpretation, maintenance, and natural resources management.”

This sounded a lot like SCIP…but instead of being an intern, I would be the mentor!!

 I took this as a sign and applied for the position. Kat Robbins immediately emailed me back and told me she thinks my experience was a great fit for the position.

And so here I am, almost 2 months in, living in a new environment. It has been wonderful. And the best news: THE INTERNS HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED. I created a schedule jam packed with activities. So stay tuned for a weekly blog from the interns and me on how our experience is going here at MABI. 

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