Murder Mystery or Bust

August 13, 2015 Posted by: Celia Graham and Kia Amirkiaee

Celia Graham and Kia Amirkiaee

Celia and Kia here, checking in for our last blog post. If you have been following us throughout our journey then you know of all of the crazy adventures we have been on. However, to top it all off, we went camping in the middle of a forest in a torrential downpour. This experience allowed us to gain skills in teamwork and pushed us out of our comfort zones. 

We roasted marshmallows over a propane stove and spent hours listening to Alex's ghost tales. Adding to the suspense, Scott witch cackled, as if he was concocting a potion, and made high-pitched shrieks from outside our tent, making rustling noises in the bushes. 

Shara then exclaimed, "Laura has been gone a long time…" Our expressions changed to horror as we noticed that our comrade was missing (although in retrospect it was only about 30 minutes). 

Alex cried as if he had not been able to get a haircut in two months, tears gushing down his cheeks. "I hope she is okay, and that she hasn't been 'adultnapped.' Who knows maybe a murderer got her," he screamed. The car alarms suddenly started going off…the next thing we remember it was morning and our 5:45 alarm was going off, and Laura was there to greet us.  

We then packed up and headed to the regional youth summit on Thompson Island. 

This experience sums up our time here at the park. We will cherish the bonds that we have made with each other as well as look back often upon this experience. This trip was definitely a highlight throughout the summer and has invoked a love of camping in all of us, especially Kiana. So long for now, we will be back…

To be continued…  

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