Guest Speakers

Park Rangers are delighted to present programs in your classroom to introduce students to a variety of subjects related to Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. Arrangements for a visit can be made by contacting Terry Sentell at (830) 868-7128, ext. 231 or by email. There are several program possibilities for these visits.

Slide Presentations

The park rangers at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park are knowledgeable in both natural and cultural history as it relates to President Johnson. They have developed numerous slide presentations and talks on topics such as longhorn cattle, Ladybird Johnson, and President Johnson's attention to conservation and his involvement with the National Parks. If you have a particular subject in mind as it relates to the 36th President, call to find out if we have a "resident expert" who can visit your students.


Traveling Trunks--Ranger Included!

Invite a park ranger to present the materials in one of the park's three traveling trunks. But don't be surprised if the ranger comes dressed as a 1860's settler, a one-room school teacher, or a resident of a small 1920's town!

  • The Johnson Settlement: The Heritage of a Frontier President--1860s
  • Lyndon Johnson's Boyhood Home--1920s
  • School Days, Junction School, 1912


Miniature Junction School

An added plus for teachers requesting the Junction School trunk with accompanying ranger is that the ranger will also bring a miniature version of President Johnson's first school. (Due to the fragile nature of the model, it travels only by ranger escort.)


Traveling Chuckwagon

For teachers wanting an even more in depth pioneer experience, you can also request a visit from our traveling chuckwagon. Cookie will tell you stories of what it was like on the old Chisolm trail for President Johnson's grandfather.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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