39th Banjo and Fiddle Contest Results

B & F Contest
The bears are back.

Wow! What a great 39th Banjo and Fiddle Contest! An amazing crop of contestants (71 performances) kept the crowd entertained for 5-1/2 hours. And once again, the kids renewed our faith in the future of this music.

Youth (under 14):
1. Lillian Arnold-Mages
2. Josephine Arnold-Mages
3. Theo Karon

Honorable Mention:
Oghenebrume Sekegor
Afokeoghene Sekegor
Owen Stares
Charis Neave
Mary Sullivan

Old Time Banjo:
1. Don Borchelt
2. Brendan Kent
3. Michael Worden
Honorable Mention – John Perten

Old Time Fiddle:
1. Camille Arnold-Mages
2. Hank Poitras
3. Parker Shiverick
Honorable Mention – Rosalie Coleman, John Mowad, Joe Basconi, Alan Kaufman

Bluegrass Banjo:
1. Megan Mendenhall
2. Kim Harris
3. James Moffatt

Honorable Mention – John Farese

Bluegrass Fiddle:
1. Micah John
2. Audrey Mendenhall
3. David Kassel

Banjo - Other Styles:
1. Bob Phillipps
2. Sean Singer

Ethnic Fiddle:
1. Pre’Yelle Grinkley
2. Shyam Nepali
3. Sarah Hotchkiss

Honorable Mention: Adrienne Howard, Carol Kycia

Twin Fiddle
1. Afokeoghene Sekegor and Oghenebrume Sekegor
2. Lillian Arnold-Mages and Josephine Arnold Mages
3. Alan Kaufman and Joe Basconi

Honorable Mention:
Aram Hollman and Carol Kycia
Judy Criscitiello and Alice Bouvrie

Banjo and Fiddle Duet:
1. Rosalie Coleman and Sarah Prown
2. Audrey Mendenhall and Megan Mendenhall
3. Don Borchelt and John Maguire

Last updated: September 10, 2019

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