Public Matters: Empowering Lowell's Leaders

Public Matters: Empowering Lowell’s Leaders 2010

The Mission: to foster and enhance the knowledge and skills of emerging leaders in Lowell, Massachusetts. We invite qualified individuals to become members in a rigorous and challenging program in civic engagement. Throughout this program, members will learn how to contribute more effectively to a diverse and mutually supportive community. Our goal is to ensure that the Lowell of tomorrow will be served by inspired stewards of our history, natural resources, social and cultural capital, and economic and government institutions.

Public Matters: Lowell’s Emerging Leaders is an initiative of the Paul E. Tsongas Center, an educational and civic partnership of Lowell National Historical Park, The Lowell Plan, Inc., Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell.

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Last updated: October 19, 2018

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