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There are 23 miles of roads. The roads are narrow, have uneven surfaces and sharp turns. The surface of the road is dirt, gravel and chert; several roads have creek crossings. Horseback riders, licensed vehicles and hikers all share this area. There are many blind turns so please drive slowly and use caution on these roads.

All vehicles must remain on numbered Backcountry Roads (01-11) at all times. Vehicles without a tag (example: ATV's) are not allowed. There are endangered species in this area. Driving off the numbered roads may kill the plants and destroy the habitat. Fines will be severe if any endangered species are harmed.

Mudding (purposely spinning in a muddied area) is NOT allowed. Crossing the river or creeks when the water level is high is unsafe. High water increases the chance that your vehicle will tip over or be carried downstream. If this happens, you could face severe penalties for damage to the natural resources.


High Rock is a popular swimming area.

DeSoto State Park is located in the northern section of this area.

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