There are 23 miles of roads. The roads are narrow, have uneven surfaces and sharp turns. The surface of the road is dirt, gravel and chert; several roads have creek crossings. Horseback riders, licensed vehicles and hikers all share this area. There are many blind turns so please drive slowly and use caution on these roads.

All vehicles must remain on open numbered Backcountry Roads at all times. Vehicles without a tag (example: ATV's) are not allowed. There are endangered species in this area. Driving off the numbered roads may kill the plants and destroy the habitat. Fines will be severe if any endangered species are harmed.

Mudding (purposely spinning in a muddied area) is NOT allowed. Crossing the river or creeks when the water level is high is unsafe. High water increases the chance that your vehicle will tip over or be carried downstream. If this happens, you could face severe penalties for damage to the natural resources.

Special Mandates

Little River Canyon National Preserve's authorizing legislation states that the preserve will be administered in accordance with laws generally applicable to units of the national park system. Besides general direction in these laws that resources be protected and appropriate visitor uses be accommodated, Congress requires that "The Authorization of activities shall be construed and the protection, management, and administration of these areas shall be conducted in light of the high public value and integrity of the national park system and shall not be exercised in derogation of the values and purposes for which these various areas have been established, except as may have been or shall be directly and specifically provided by Congress" (92 Stat. 163, 16 USC 1a-1).

Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Little River Canyon National Preserve's enabling legislation allows for hunting and trapping within the unit in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. The legislation provides that the times and places for hunting within the preserve will be established by the National Park Service in consultation with the State of Alabama and adjacent landowners. The state of Alabama is now using the Game Harvest app called Game Check. Game Check requires that all hunters, regardless of age or license requirements, report deer and turkey harvests within 48 hours of the harvest. You can visit their website at for more information and download the Wildlife Management Area Permit.

Public safety and resource protection are the primary considerations of such consultation. Little River Canyon National Preserve shall permit hunting, trapping, and fishing on lands and waters under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior within the preserve. The preserve may designate zones where, and establish periods when, the activities described above will not be permitted within the preserve for reasons of public safety, administration, fish and wildlife habitat, or public use and enjoyment. And they may restrict hunting in areas within the preserve that are adjacent to the boundaries of the reserve where the restriction is necessary or appropriate to protect public safety.


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