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Lincoln Neighborhood in 1860 from LIHO NHS brochure
Artist's rendition of the Lincoln neighborhood in 1860.

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Lincoln Home Neighborhood Smart Phone Tour Guide
Lincoln home neighborhood smart phone tour guide

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Learn more about Lincoln by learning about his neighbors.

Visit the Lincoln home neighborhood with your smart phone or via a web site to experience fascinating multimedia programs about how major themes in American history, like race, gender, politics, and religion, played out in pre-Civil War Springfield. Videos, images, and audio files provide an in-depth look into the lives of people who lived near Lincoln, providing a deeper understanding of the times in which Lincoln lived and the challenges and issues that people faced just prior to the Civil War.

The Lincoln Home Mobile Tour shows that early residents of Springfield came from a variety of backgrounds and were involved in many occupations, activities and social and political issues. One tour video tells the story of Jameson Jenkins, a free black man who lived a half block away from Lincoln. In 1850, Jenkins helped fugitive slaves escape north to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Another tour video describes Lincoln's neighbor Robert Reid Kalley, an atheist physician from Scotland who had a religious conversion and became a missionary and ordained minister. Kalley brought more than 600 exiled Portuguese Protestants to settle in Springfield and surrounding communities.

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Lincoln Home NHS Smart Phone Tour QR Code
Lincoln Home NHS smart phone tour QR code.

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Lincoln Home NHS site map with smart phone tour locations.
Lincoln Home NHS site map with smart phone tour locations.

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Locate where the neighbors listed below lived using the map at the right.

1. Mary Remann

2. Amos Worthen

3. Francis Springer

4. Jared Irwin

5. Robert Reid Kalley

6. Jameson Jenkins

7. Mason Brayman

8. Jessie Dubois

9. Charles Corneau

10. Harriet Dean


The Lincoln Home Mobile Tour was developed in partnership with Northern Illinois University's Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project and Digital Convergence Lab as well as Lindenwood University.

This Lincoln home neighborhood smart phone tour information is available to download here.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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