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Lincoln Home NHS Living History Ranger with cell phone
Lincoln Home NHS living history interpreter in the Lincoln home neighborhood with a cell phone

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Cell Phone Audio Tour of Lincoln's 1860 Neighborhood and Visitor Center

Here's what to do:

  • 1. Using your cell phone, dial 217-213-3003
  • 2. Enter the prompt number followed by the # key
  • 3. Enjoy the tour!
  • 4. Tell us what you think! Enter '0' followed by the # key to record a personal response to the audio tour.
LIHO NHS VC Exhibit Map Detail
Detail of 3D exhibit map at Lincoln Home NHS Visitor Center

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Locations related to exhibits within the Lincoln Home National Historic Site Visitor Center:

  • 501#: Lincoln's Springfield
  • 502#: Lincoln's Family
  • 503#: Lincoln's Election
  • 504#: Lincoln's Legacy
LIHO NHS Site Map with Lot Names
Lincoln Home NHS site map with lot names.

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Locations related to the Lincoln Home National Historic Site neighborhood:

  • 5#: Lincoln Home
  • 50#: Cook House
  • 51#: Jenkins Wayside Exhibit
  • 52#: Shutt House
  • 53#: Dubois House
  • 54#: Sprigg House
  • 55#: Burch Lot
  • 56#: Dean House
  • 57#: Beedle House
  • 58#: Remann Lot
  • 59#: Worthen Lot

Enter '11' followed by the # key at any time to hear a summary of options. Press the * key during message playback to receive a text message of location and operating hours.

No charge to listen—just your airtime!

This Cell Phone Tour program was developed in partnership with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency; the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; and, the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition.

This Cell Phone Tour information is available to download here.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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