Little Pigeon Creek Families

There were at least 40 families within a five-mile radius of the Lincoln home in 1820. Most of them had come from Kentucky and some, including the Carters and Gordons, had been neighbors of the Lincolns in Hardin County, Kentucky. These families formed the nucleus of the community within which the Lincolns lived and worked during the 14 years they were in Indiana.

Within a mile radius of the Lincolns there lived Thomass Barrett, with four children; Thomas Turnham with three; Thomas Carter with six; John Carter with eight; John Jones with four; and probably John Romine with four. Including the Lincoln children, there were a total of nine families with 49 children - 15 boys and 13 girls under the age of 7, 12 boys and 9 girls between the ages of 7 and 17. Beyond the one mile radius, but within two miles of the Lincolns lived the Joseph Wright and William Wright families and the Noah Gordon, James Gentry, and William Whittinghill families. Between the two and three miles radius lived the John Blair, Rueben Grigsby, William Jones, and Peter Brooner families. Those residing about four miles from the Lincolns were the Lawrence Jones, William Stark, William Smith, Henry Gunterman, John Hoskins, Jacob Hoskins, David Winkler, and Joseph Hoskins families. The total number of children within a four-mile radius was 45 boys and 45 girls under the age of 7 and 23 boys and 25 girls between the ages of 7 to 17.

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