The 200-acre wooded and landscaped Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is on Highway 162, 4 miles south of Dale, Indiana. There is no public transportation to or within the park. The principal features of the Memorial are accessible to most visitors. Assistance on portions of the 2-mile graveled trail system is recommended. Rest benches are conveniently located throughout the Memorial grounds. Major points of interest include the Memorial Visitor Center, the gravesite of Abraham Lincoln's mother -- Nancy Hanks Lincoln, and the Lincoln Living Historical Farm.

The air-conditioned Memorial Visitor Center is accessible to disabled visitors by means of a paved ramp leading from the marked parking space located at the left front of the building. There are two levels accessible from the ramp. The first level contains restrooms, a water fountain, the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Hall and a U.S. Post Office. The second level contains the museum, the auditorium --where films are periodically shown, information and sales services. Three steps down and handrails lead down into the Abraham Lincoln Hall. The memorial court Sculptures are accessible by means of a ramp leading from the marked parking space. Upon request a portable ramp may be placed for access up the two steps to the Abraham Lincoln Hall.

The President's mother, who died of "milksickness" in 1818, is buried on a wooded knoll 380 yards from the Memorial Visitor Center. Her gravesite is fully accessible by following the gravel pathway along the right (east) side of the Allee. Although the path continues for another 500 yards to the Living Historical Farm, visitors may return to the Memorial Visitor Center parking area in order to make the convenient three-minute drive to the farm parking area. In addition to accessible restrooms there, a paved ramp connects the marked parking space for disabled visitors with the gravel pathway that goes uphill for 200 yards to the farmstead. Assistance might be required over a set of railroad tracks and up the sloped pathway into the log cabin. The Living Historical Farm is an operating pioneer farm and recreates the wilderness environment in which Abraham Lincoln lived from 1816 to 1830.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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