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Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial has a traveling trunk available for loan. The trunk was developed in collaboration with the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site in Kentucky and the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Illinois to provide a source of educational materials for elementary school students and their teachers. The trunks contain time-period clothing, curriculum guides, DVDs and a wide variety of other items which make Abraham Lincoln's childhood in Kentucky, boyhood in Indiana and adult years in Illinois something that students can touch, feel and see. This trunk is a fantastic resource for students from Kindergarten to 6th grade.

The traveling trunk can be borrowed for 2 weeks at a time. The trunk will be mailed to your school. The only cost associated with using our trunk is incurred when the borrower pays for the shipping charges associated with returning the trunk back to our park. If you have other questions about the traveling trunks or wish to make a reservation call the park at 812-937-4541.


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  • Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

    Lincoln Traveling Trunk

    Lincoln Traveling Trunk

    Provides a source of educational materials for elementary school students and their teachers.  The traveling trunk provides an interactive learning experience for students who study the life of Abraham Lincoln without ever leaving the classroom.

    Traveling Trunk
    Grade level:
    Kindergarten-Sixth Grade
    Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), Community, Family Life, History, Language Arts, Leadership, Performing Arts, Pioneer America, Reading, Regional Studies, Social Studies, U.S. Presidents

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