Rules for School Groups

For Step 3 in the process, we need your help!

Many people will be enjoying the exhibits, fort and trails at the same time as your group. Please assist us in preserving and protecting the park. Here are the things you can do to help:

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! Groups arriving more than 15 minutes late may experience program changes. Please notify staff if your school visit is behind schedule by calling the visitor center, (503) 861-2471, Ext. 214. Bathroom and water breaks are already built in to your arrival time.

PLEASE DRESS FOR RAIN! Coats, sweaters, hats and/or raincoats may be necessary on any day, at any time of the year (yes, even summer!). Safe footwear is necessary. High-heeled shoes and sandals are HIGHLY discouraged during the park’s education programs.


  • Each child must wear a name tag with their name and the school name clearly legible.
  • Please arrange for at least one adult helper for every 10 students. To insure that each chaperone understands his or her role, please provide a hard copy of the chaperone guidelines (in the Pre-Visit packets available online) to each chaperone. Please review the student and chaperone guidelines before your visit.
  • Our rangers will assume that students have a basic understanding of the Lewis and Clark Expedition prior to your arrival in the park. To assist you, please download and explore the Pre-Visit Packets found in this reservation material.
  • Please help us preserve and protect the park environment, by reminding parents and students to pack food in reusable containers, bring recyclable containers home again and to bring only what they can eat during their lunch break. Lunches can be eaten at the picnic grounds near the visitor center or at the Netul Landing. Lunches should be kept on the bus until consumed, or set aside during a Class of Discovery program. Backpacks and other large items should be left on the bus.
  • Littering is prohibited in the park. Food, gum and beverages are not allowed in the visitor center or Fort. Bottle recycling is available at the Netul Landing and at the visitor center entrance.
  • Students may shop in the Lewis & Clark National Park Association Bookstore during their visitor center activity. Please let us know before you arrive if you do not wish for your students to shop. Students in small groups must be accompanied by an adult helper, who is prepared to assist students with decision making, line monitoring and paying for items. Purchases will be marked with the shopper’s name and placed in a labeled container provided by the school and then held behind the counter until the end of the visit.


  • Please follow directions given by the teachers, adult helpers, and park staff.
  • Stay with your assigned group and adult helper. Check in with the teacher or chaperone if you need to leave an assigned area.
  • Speak in quiet voices and listen closely. Many birds and other park animals can be heard, but are not seen.
  • Walk in the visitor center, at the fort and on the trails.
  • Keep to the trails. This helps reduce erosion and prevents destruction of the plants and animal habitat.
  • Look at all plants and animals, but leave them for others to enjoy.
  • Help keep the park clean by not littering.
  • Handle hands-on items carefully.
  • Bring your camera and money if you plan to shop in the bookstore. Leave backpacks, ipods, mp3s, games, gum and snacks behind.
  • Please turn off cell phones.


We’re delighted to have your help in providing a quality experience for visiting students, chaperones and educators. Please do not bring your child's siblings. The programs are geared for the age of the group, and are set for a given number of students. Younger or older children may become bored and tired.

  • Please be familiar with the names of the students in your charge.
  • Please accompany students at all times, and follow the assigned schedule.
  • Please no chewing, eating, drinking or smoking during the program. Please ensure that everyone leaves all electronic devises and snacks on the bus.
  • Please silence or turn off cell phones.

Questions? Please call the Education Program, (503) 861-4422.

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