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Lewis and Clark staff and partners work together to protect resources, communicate the stories, and enhance the visitor experience; leaving a legacy for future generations. To further this goal, the Trail staff provides a broad spectrum of support to partners. Such support includes but is not limited to the following:

Technical assistance:

  • Consultation on subjects and in areas of individual staff expertise (see below)
  • Facilitation of meetings, planning processes, and similar activities in support of program development
  • Training on subjects and areas supportive of the Trail and partner missions
  • Liaisonship and network development
  • Customer service, such as a source of information, or short-term assistance

Staff Postions and Subject Areas:


Cultural Resource Specialist

Identify and protect cultural resources and historic sites significant to Trail and Lewis and Clark story; National Historic Preservation Act compliance

Education Specialist

Curriculum and education program development for formal and informal educators; inclusion of tribal perspective in educational materials

Environmental Protection Specialist

Environmental law, regulation and compliance; environmental planning, impact analysis, mitigation and collaboration.


GIS and remote sensing-based natural resource inventory and analysis, landscape modeling and visualization, cultural geography, historical geography, cultural landscapes, and public lands

Interpretive Specialist

Planning and implementing interpretive exhibits, media, and programs; guides interpretive planning and production; publication design and development

Natural Resource Specialist

Identify, enhance and protect natural and scenic resources significant to Trail and Lewis and Clark story; collaboration with multiple land management agencies

Outdoor Recreation Planner

Recreation planning, recreational trails, water trails, public parks, ADA, public access, public use capacity, recreational opportunities

Volunteer Program Manager

Planning, development and management of volunteer programs; identifying needs for volunteers; determine recruitment methods

Last updated: November 15, 2016

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