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Kettle Falls Marina Concessions Contract Extention Offer
LAKE ROOSEVELT National Recreation Area

Q: What is the timeline to begin the contract extension?

A: To extend the contract, the concessioner will have to agree to the extension before the current contract ends April 30, 2017.

Q: What is the term of the contract?

A: The contract extension will be in effect until April 30, 2018.

Q: Is this a new contract?

A: No. It is an extension of the existing contract.

Q: When was the prospectus open for bid and who could bid on it?

A: The solicitation for the prospectus opened on May 24, 2016, was open for 98 days and closed on August 20, 2016. The solicitation was open to any company or individual interested in operating the facilities and services required by the draft contract.

Q: How many proposals were submitted in response to this prospectus?

A: One offer was submitted. Generally, in order to protect personal and business information as well as to not distort the future competitive bid environment the NPS does not release this information. In this case, since the solicitation process have been canceled and because the one offeror also publically stated they made an offer, we are sharing this information.

Q: From whom were proposals submitted in response to this prospectus?

A: Offeror proposals are generally protected under federal law to protect the confidential commercial and financial information.

Q: Why was the solicitation canceled?

A: The sole offer received failed to demonstrate that the offeror would provide services at even the most minimal levels that the contract requires. Specifically, the offer did not meet the needs of the NPS with regard to:
  • Objectives of protecting, conserving, and preserving resources of the park. The NPS asked for proposals describing 3 ways the offeror would provide education and awareness to the public, including employee education of Tread Lightly principles, including an emphasis on the proper disposal of human waste.
  • Objectives of providing necessary and appropriate visitor services at reasonable rates. Specifically, the NPS asked for proposals describing (a) how the offeror will offer high quality food service to meet or exceed the Service’s healthy food standards and sustainable food guidelines, as well as improve overall food and beverage service; and (b) how the offeror would provide a safe experience for visitors and a safe work environment for employees.
  • The experience and related background of the offeror in providing same or similar services to those of the draft contract. Specifically, the NPS asked for proposals describing the offeror’s organizational structure, operational experience, human resources, and violations and infractions (past and strategy to manage in the future).
  • The financial capability of the offeror to carry out the proposal. Specifically, the NPS asked for offerors to demonstrate a credible proven track record of meeting its financial obligations, that it proposal is financially viable, and that it has the ability to obtain the required funds for startup.
  • The quality of the proposal to conduct operations in a manner that furthers the protection, conservation, and preservation of the park and other resources through environmental management programs and activities. Specifically, the NPS asked for proposals that demonstrated the offeror’s plan to increase the use of environmentally preferable products throughout the operation (marina, retail, F&B).

Q: What are the next steps for the NPS in this area?

A: The NPS will continue to welcome and support visitors in the Kettle Falls area. This includes maintaining the campground, boat ramp, parking. The NPS will continue to evaluate the opportunity to provide concession services in the context of financial sustainability (including maintaining facilities), services provided by other private businesses in nearby communities and the needs of visitors. The NPS will also work with the public and other organizations to evaluate opportunities to expand other recreational opportunities around the north end of Lake Roosevelt. For example, Lake Roosevelt NRA has held public meetings to obtain feedback on recreational opportunities being considered that include potential expanded recreation opportunities such as additional hiking trails with elevated boardwalks over wetland areas, mountain bike and frisbee golf courses, and a static archery range.

Last updated: March 7, 2017

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