Boundary Maps

This is a list of current boundary map sections available to the public as PDF documents.

To request maps:
Please include the names of the maps as listed below. Note that there are over 60 maps total and some sections have dozens of maps.

Please note: This GIS Data is deemed reliable but provided "as is" without warranty of any representation of accuracy, timeliness, reliability or completeness. These map documents do not represent a legal survey of the land and are for graphical purposes only. Use of this Data for any purpose should be with acknowledgment of the limitations of the Data, including the fact that the Data is dynamic and is in a constant state of maintenance, correction, and update.

The federal boundary depicted represents the boundary as it existed in 2009. Additions or changes to the boundary may have occurred since that time.


Ferry County from Kettle River to the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

Overlake Drive to 395 Bridge
395 Bridge to Sherman Creek Wildlife Area
Sherman Creek Wildlife Area to Apple Trees Drive
Apple Trees Drive to Andreas Lane
Andreas Lane to Cline Road
Cline Road to French Rocks
French Rocks to Colville Tribal Reservation


Kettle River

Barstow to Napoleon Bridge
Napoleon Bridge to Cristy Clark Lane
Cristy Clark Lane to Roosevelt Road
Kamloops Island to Overlake Drive


Stevens County from Little Dalles to Spokane Tribe of Indians Reservation

SIR to River Way
River Way to Speckled Bird Way
Speckled Bird Way to Glasgow Cyn
Glasgow Cyn to North of Enterprise
North of Enterprise to Lantzy Road
Lantzy Road to Hunters Creek
Hunters Creek to North of Hunters
North of Hunters to Cedonia
Cedonia to Windsong Way
Windsong Way to South of Leisure Way
South of Leisure Way to Jerome Point
Jerome Point to South of Bissel Flats
Bissel Flats
Bissel Flats to Gifford Campground
Gifford Campground to Gifford
Gifford to South of Daisy
South of Daisy to Daisy
Daisy to Daisy Boat Launch
Daisy Boat Launch to South of Rice
South of Rice to Rice
Rice to Rotter Road
Rotter Road to Eagle River Way
Eagle River Way to South of Bradbury Beach
Bradbury Beach
North Bradbury Beach to Rickey Point
Rickey Point to Colville River
Colville River to College Lane
College Lane to Boise Road
Boise Road to Harberd Way
Harberd Way to Gold Ledge Mine Road
Gold Ledge Mine Road to Marcus
Marcus to Ray Anderson Road
Kamloops to Northport Flat CK Road
Marcus to Evans Campground to Northport
Evans Campground to Evans
Evans Bossburg to Northport Flat CK Road
Bossburg to Northport Flat CK Road
Bossburg to North Gorge
North Gorge to 15 Mile CK
15 Mile CK to China Bend
China Bend to Marble
Little Dalles


Grand Coulee to Fort Spokane

Crescent Bay to Aviator Lane
Aviator Lane to Sunglow Lane
Sunglow Lane to Plum Point
Plum Point to Neal Canyon
Neal Canyon to Kaufman Canyon
Kaufman Canyon to Camel Bluff
Camel Bluff to Keller Ferry
Keller Ferry to Goldsmith
Goldsmith to Hanson Harbor
Hanson Harbor to Martin Canyon Road
Martin Canyon Road to Whitestone Rock
Whitestone Rock to Halverson Canyon
Sterling Point
Sterling Point to Lincoln Mill
Lincoln Mill to Hawk Creek
Hawk Creek to Seven Bays
Seven Bays to Deer Meadows
Deer Meadows to Fort Spokane


Spokane River

Fort Spokane to Miles
Miles to Ponderosa Campground
Ponderosa Campground to Hollies Creek
Hollies Creek to Laughbons Landing
Laughbons Landing to Orchard Road
Orchard Road to Cayuse Cove
Cayuse Cove to Arrowhead Bay
Arrowhead Bay to Breezy Bay
Breezy Bay to Chamokane Drive
Chamokane Drive to Little Falls Dam

Last updated: October 25, 2021

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