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Near Mile Marker 44. Image Credit: NPS/LARO/Chelsea Brauner
Near Mile Marker 44 on SR 25.

Image Credit: NPS/LARO/Chelsea Brauner


Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire.
- Anatole France

On this page you will find a variety of resource materials free for your use. There are also links to additional resources, materials, programs and data which you may find useful. This page will continue to expand!

Introduction To The River Mile Webinar
This is the pdf of the introductory webinar for The River Mile. You can see the slides and read the information. This link will take you to the PowerPoint of the webinar. Soon we will have a recorded version as well!

Annotated Bibliography
Download an annotated bibliography (docx / pdf) of science and environmental education resources, curriculum and websites. This bibliography provides an alphabetically organized list of resources and materials as well as a subject matter organized list.

Curriculum-Based Educators Guides

TRM Content Framework
A model of suggested connections between the Washington State Science Education Standards 2009 and ideas for student inquiry using the Columbia River Watershed as an outdoor hands-on learning experience.
TRM Framework Introduction
TRM Framework K-1 Working Model
TRM Framework 2-3 Working Model
TRM Framework 4-5 Working Model
TRM Framework 6-8 Working Model
TRM Framework 9-12 Working Model
TRM Framework K-5 Sample
TRM Framework 6-8 Sample
TRM Framework 9-12 Sample
TRM Framework K-5 Articulated Template
TRM Framework 6-8 Articulated Template
TRM Framework 9-12 Articulated Template

Model Program Materials

The River Mile Stewardship
Pre and Post visit lessons on stewardship of our environment and river mile sites.Includes accompanying PowerPoint Program.

Student Program Model
TRM Pre-Visit
TRM Site Visits:Observations and Investigations
TRM Inquiry Field Investigations Program Outline
TRM Field Investigation Descriptive Study PowerPoint
TRM Site Visits: Site Mapping
TRM Site Visits: Water Connections
TRM Post-Visit

Student Forms
TRM Core Parameters Form
TRM Human Activities Form
TRM Total Coliform Form 1
TRM Total Coliform Form 2
TRM Water Record Sheet
TRM Water Record Sheet K-3rd Grade
TRM Habitat Observation Form
TRM Observation Form Option 1
TRM Observation Form Option 2
TRM Observation Form Option 3
TRM Observation Form Option 4

TRM Water Connections Forms
TRM Shoreline Riparian Data Sheet
TRM Shoreline Assessment Sample Form
TRM Shoreline Data Entry Form
TRM Shoreline Data Sheet
TRM Riparian Buffer Data Entry Form
TRM Riparian Buffer Data Entry Example
TRM Riparian Buffer Date Sheet
TRM Riparian Buffer Data Sheet Instructions

Water Quality in the Upper Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt: A 6th-12th Grade Environmental Science Unit
This guide is available in PDF format. You can select which pieces you wish to print or save. It is highly recommended that everyone print "Water Quality Unit Table of Contents and Overview v7-November 2013" as it is the table of contents and overviews of all lessons.
Overview and Introduction
Lesson 1: Water Quality A Global Issue
Lesson 2: Water Quality Fecal Coliform and PowerPoint
Lesson 3: Water Quality Turbidity & Conductivity and PowerPoint
Lesson 4: Water Quality pH and PowerPoint
Lesson 5: Water Quality Temperature and PowerPoint
Lesson 6: Water Quality Nutrient Loading & Dissolved Oxygen and PowerPoint
Lesson 7: Water Quality Pont, Non-Point Source Pollution
Lesson 8: Water Quality Bioaccumulation and PowerPoint
Lesson 9: Water Quality Climate Change and PowerPoint
Lesson 10: Water Footprint
Lesson 11: Water Quality Assessment Research Project
Lesson 12: The River Mile Water Quality Site Visit

Student Science Journal
Download the student science journal for 4th-6th grades. (docx / pdf) This journal provides a systems approach to exploring your site.

Water Quality Instructions and SOPS
YSI 556 User Manual
TRM YSI 556 Calibration Maintenance Log
TRM YSI 556 Meter Handling Procedures
TRM YSI556 Water Meter Calibration Cheat Sheet
TRM Barometric Pressure Calibration
TRM Water Quality SOPs

Data Collection Methods
TRM Inventory Field Methods
TRM Data Collection PowerPoint


Pacific Education Institute
PEI recently created multiple guides as part of the Association of Fish and Wildlife agencies' Conservation Education Strategy Toolkit. You can get these guides here at PEI's website:
Scientific Methods Guides

ArcGIS Online
The River Mile groups utilizes ArcGIS Online maps for displaying their data and sites. Using The River Mile's online map you can access individual site maps and information.

Esri and ArcGIS information you may find useful:

NatureMapping has great resources!
Data Collection Form: Washington
Habitat Codes
NatureMapping Spreadsheet
WA Speciest List

Data Resources and Links
Lake Roosevelt Forum
LRFResource List and Data Links
USGS Washington Water Science Center
Washington Department of Ecology
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Spokane Tribe of Indians
US Bureau of Reclamation PNW Region Data
Washington State Department of Health
NASA Goddard Datasets
NASA Earth Observations
My NASA Data
Oregon Spatial Data Library
Washington State Geospatial Portal
Grand Coulee Dam Lake Roosevelt Lake Level

NASA Quizes

Project Wet FREE Materials

Soil Science Society of Americal

International Year of Soils Video Series

The River Mile Image Credit: NPS/LARO

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