Lake Mead Water Safety

Safety for Boaters

Before going out on the water, check weather forecasts and look for storm warning flags at marinas. If a storm breaks while you are out, seek shelter in a protected cove immediately and wait until the storm passes. Lightning is also a hazard on open water.

Water levels in Lakes Mead and Mohave change throughout the year. Always approach the shore with caution and watch for shallows and submerged debris.

Many persons who drown never intended to enter the water. Always wear a life preserver. All boaters must have required safety equipment on board their boat.

Young child playing in the water while wearing a life jacket
Young swimmer exhibiting safety by wearing his life jacket

Safety for Swimmers

Distances to islands, buoys, and across coves are easily underestimated. Don't overestimate your abilities. Air mattresses and other inflatables can blow away, leaving you stranded far from shore. Never rely on an inflatable device as a life preserver. Always wear a life jacket when swimming, fishing or playing in the lake.


Safety for Water-skiers

Skiers must wear life preservers. An observer must accompany the boat operator. Display a ski flag when a skier is in the water.

Scuba Flag
Scuba Flag

Safety for Divers

SCUBA divers must fly a divers flag.


Last updated: April 21, 2015

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