Composting at Lake Mead NRA

Banana skin placed in BioBag
Placing compostable banana skin in BioBag

The Native Plant Nursery at Lake Mead NRA grows native plants in order to restore areas where plants have been removed or damaged due to a construction project or illegal off-road vehicle use. In an effort to grow healthy plants the nursery started a composting program in the summer of 2010. The compost is used for the nursery soil mix and as mulch around landscaped areas.

Composting bins were placed at various locations throughout the park such as employee lunchrooms. Biodegradable bags (BioBags) are provided for employees to toss in their food scraps. The BioBags are then dumped into the composting bins. The bins are collected once a week and taken to the Lake Mead Nursery where they are placed into the large 12' x 4' x 4' composter. Nursery employees tend the compost and the end result is a rich soil and healthy native plants.

Worker fills composting bin
Worker fills composting bin at Lake Mead NRA Native Plant Nursery

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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