History of Meadview

The Meadview area includes of South Cove, Pearce Ferry, and Grand Wash.

Meadview is a small community located on the southern and eastern boundary of the recreational area and about 10 miles from both Pearce Ferry and South Cove. It is almost an inholding, being surrounded on three sides by recreational area lands.

The community is of recent origin, having been started around 1960 as a retirement community.

Pearce Ferry was started in 1863 by Jacob Hamblin, bought by Pearce in 1876, and operated until 1891. This area became popular again during the Grand Canyon-Boulder Dam tours in the 1940's. A concession maintained a floating dock, supply depot, dining room, and had elaborated plans for improvement. The tour boats left Hemenway, stopped at Pearce Ferry, continued to Rampart Cave (discovered in 1936 by Willis Evans) and then on 12 miles into the Grand Canyon. The tour cost $101. With the filling of Lake Mead, a delta formed at Pearce Ferry. This silting in, followed by the lowering of the lake level after 1941, forced the concession to be abandoned. Scenic flights were also part of the tourist trade in the 1930's and 1940's with airplanes landing on the strip at Pearce Ferry. Pearce Ferry is about 17 miles upstream from South Cove and served as the primary terminus for river runners floating through the Grand Canyon before the current reduced water levels of Lake Mead caused them to make alternate plans. Primitive camping is allowed in the area.

Mike Scanlon's Ferry, started in 1881, which was later bought by Tom Gregg, crossed the Colorado River at the area now known as Greggs Hideout.

South Cove does not have a history pre-dating the establishment of the recreation area. After the recreation area was established, a new paved road was constructed as a spur road off the Pearce Ferry road, extending down to the lake where a paved launch ramp was constructed.

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