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Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is a place where there is no shortage of stunning landscapes. We invite you to take a virtual tour with these interactive panoramas to sample for yourself some of the astounding beauty and diversity of the park.

Click the camera icons on the map or on the thumbnails below to start exploring the park. Some panoramas contain links to other views.

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View of Lake Clark from the historic Thompson Cabin

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Lake Clark
This view of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve's namesake lake is from the shore in front of the Joe Thompson cabin. The cabin and its outbuildings are among the several historic structures in the park that have been restored by the National Park Service.

Waterfall of the Tanalian River near Port Alsworth.

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Tanalian Falls
This popular day hike to the waterfall near the park's field headquarters in Port Alsworth is part of the Tanalian Trail system.
Hardenburg Bay on Lake Clark is the point of access for the small community of Port Alsworth.

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Port Alsworth
Hardenburg Bay is a hub of boat and float plane activity in the small community of Port Alsworth. The park's field headquarters is here and staff are available to answer your questions and plan your trip in the park.

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Visitor Center in Port Alsworth.


Port Alsworth Visitor Center

The visitor center in Port Alsworth also has outdoor exhibits and a small bookstore.

Priest Rock on Lake Clark
K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Priest Rock
Priest Rock is a prominent rock formation on the shore of Lake Clark. It is also the site of the historic Allen Woodward cabin, one of several historic structures in the park that have been restored by the National Park Service.

tent set up near the shore of Lachbuna Lake

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Lachbuna Lake
A stunningly beautiful lake in the interior of the park.

Lower Twin Lake Panorama

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Lower Twin Lake
This beautiful 4-mile lake in the park's interior is the headwaters of the Chilakadrotna River, which offers outstanding rafting opportunities.

Panorama: Upper Twin from Teetering Rock

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Upper Twin Lake
This 360 degree panorama was taken above Teetering Rock, a landmark near the Richard Pronneke Historic Site.

View from in front of the Richard Proenneke cabin.

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Upper Twin Lake - Proenneke Site
The 360 view from the beach in front of the historic Richard Pronneke Cabin.

Snipe Lake


Snipe Lake

Snipe Lake is located in the preserve, south of the Chilikadrotna River and north of Lake Clark. The National Park Service maintains a small cabin near the lake as well as a remote weather station.

View from the Snipe Lake weather station.


Snipe Lake Weather Station
This is a 360 degree view of Snipe Lake and the Bonanza Hills from the weather station located at 2,315 ft. above sea level. Current weather observations are available here. There are several NPS remote weather stations in Lake Clark National Park and other parks in the area.

Upper Tazimina Lake

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Upper Tazimina Lake
The incredibly scenic Upper Tazimina Lake is located south of Lake Clark and provides excellent opportunities for freshwater fishing for trout, Dolly Varden and Northern pike.

Crescent Lake, near the park's Cook Inlet coast.


Crescent Lake
This scenic location at the base of the active Redoubt volcano is a popular summer destination for sportfishing and wildlife viewing.

Brown bear digging for razor clams on the park's Cook Inlet coast.


Cook Inlet Coast
Brown bears can often be seen digging for razor clams during low tides along the park's Cook Inlet coast.
The coast offers a variety of opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Slope Mountain above the Johnson River


Johnson River
The Johnson River is fed by glaciers on the flanks of Iliamna Volcano and flows into the Cook Inlet. The river supports resident and anadromous fish populations such as silver (coho) salmon and Dolly Varden. Also featured is the distinctive Slope Mountain at 3510ft (1070m). Look closely enough and you'll see a coastal brown bear feeding on the vegetation along the river mouth.

Brown bear feeding in coastal salt marsh.


Coastal Salt Marsh
Brown bears congregate in these coastal salt marshes along the park's Cook Inlet coast to feed on fresh green vegetation after winter hibernation.

Coastal salt marsh at Chinitna Bay.

Chinitna Bay
Bear viewing is one of the main attractions at this gorgeous site on the Cook Inlet coast. Brown bears gather in the coastal salt marshes to feed on the nutrient-rich vegetation in the early summer. Several guiding services are authorized to provide bear viewing trips to Lake Clark National Park.

bear viewing at Silver Salmon Creek


Bear Viewing at Silver Salmon Creek
Safe and respectful wildlife viewing depends on appropriate and consistent human behavior and guidelines have been established to ensure your safety. The goal at popular bear viewing sites in the park is to minimize impacts on the bears while allowing for the opportunity to view these amazing animals in their natural habitat.

thumbnail of Iliamna Volcano

K.Jalone & C.Lindsay/NPS

Volcano View
Mt Iliamna (10,016 ft) and Mt Redoubt (10,197 ft) are two active volcanoes in Lake Clark National Park. This is the view of the park as seen from the lower Kenai Peninsula.

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