Laws Protect Archeological Sites on Public Lands

Archeological sites are time capsules from the past. They are the keys to understanding ancient activities and sometimes forgotten cultures. Working together, archeologists, people culturally affiliated with the area, and the public can learn a tremendous amount from scientific excavation and analysis of a site. Archeological sites occur all over the country.

When found on federal lands, archeological sites are protected by law. The Archaeological Resources Protection Act makes it illegal to excavate, damage, remove, sell, or transport any archeological resource, 100 years or older, located on federal public land. Please be a good steward of Alaska’s finite and irreplaceable archaeological legacy when visiting Kobuk Valley National Park. You can help us by reporting site discoveries or disturbances to the park staff in Kotzebue.

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Save Alaska's Past: The Archaeological Resource Protect Act (4.6 Mb. PDF)

Last updated: September 30, 2015

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