Seattle Stake in Klondike Gold Rush: Lesson 6

Lesson Description:

Have templates available for students to use to help with the doll outline. Tell the students they are creating a representation of their character. They need to dress the doll appropriately for the journey north. You may want to show younger students how to cut fabric, make braids in hair, draw-in a face, attach accessories (backpack, pick, shovel, bundle of supplies, diary, etc). Set-up a table with fabric scraps, hair(yarn) and other shared items.

TEACHER NOTES: You may want to share photographs of real-life Stampeders to give them a better sense of what they wore to the Klondike. Try to include photographs of men, women, and children. Remind students to try and make their characters as true to life as they can.

OBJECTIVE: To create a visual representation of the characters; To help students become personally invested in the storypath.


  1. Tag board or Poster Board
  2. Doll Templates
  3. Frabric scraps ( denim, burlap, wool, etc. )
  4. Ribbon
  5. Crayons and markers
  6. Paste or glue
  7. Black construction paper
  8. Other accessories to help create and decorate a paper doll

TIME: 2 hours

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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