Seattle Stake in Klondike Gold Rush: Lesson 19

Lesson Description:

Photo Album

Use newsprint paper to create a small booklet for every child. Photocopy pictures from Gold! The Klondike Adventure or other books that show the Klondike Gold Rush experience. Copy a picture of each stage in this adventure. The photographs should be able to tell the story of the entire adventure. Have students glue photographs into their album and write captions about their adventure (still writing in the perspective of a prospector).

Another approach is to have students draw their own pictures of events they think are worth recording. They should still include captions for their drawings.



Have students create a newspaper about the gold rush. The students can imagine they've been hired by the Seattle P-I to write about different aspects of the gold rush. It can include articles about the different legs of the journey, have advertisements and pictures...perhaps an op-ed piece expounding the virtues or horrors of becoming a Stampeder. If word processing, have students use the column feature. Each article should start with a headline and byline. Cut the final draft into columns. If writing by hand, cut lined paper into 4 inch strips. Students can write their final draft on these strips, which act as columns. In either case, paste the various columns onto a large sheet of cardboard. Add a title for your newspaper and a few advertisements and you've got your classroom newspaper.


OBJECTIVE: To provide students an opportunity to reflect on their learning. It also provides you a chance to assess what they've learned.

Create a newspaper reflecting the knowledge the students gained over the course of the unit.


Create a photo album to show the different stages of the Klondike Gold Rush experience.



  1. Newsprint booklet with 10 pages
  2. Pencils and black pens
  3. Photocopied photographs depicting the Klondike Gold Rush experience
  4. Glue
  5. Wrinting and Drawing paper
TIME: Can be a multiple day project by individual or groups

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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