Curriculum Activities

Looking for a supplemental activity to round out your lesson plan about the Klondike Gold Rush? The following activities were designed by instructors for instructors limited by time and resources.

The activities appeal to a wide range of learning styles and meet many Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements. These activities make use of writing skills, reading, math, art, and physical education. Although arranged in a chronological order for following the gold rush story, individual activities can act as stand alone components.

The Klondike Gold Rush, was a key event in the economic development of Seattle and the Puget Sound. In 1897, seventy thousand stampeders would head for Seattle to equip themselves with a year's worth of food, clothing, and equipment so that they could live in the Yukon Territory of Canada as they sought their fortunes.

  1. Setting the Scene - Grades 2nd-8th
  2. Biographies - Grades 3rd-8th
  3. Create a Character - Grades 3rd-8th
  4. Draw Your Character - Grades 2nd-4th
  5. Journal Writing - Grades 2nd-8th
  6. Gold Rush Gimmicks/Inventions - Grades 3rd-8th
  7. Shopping for Supplies in Seattle - Grades 3rd-8th
  8. Where's the Gold? Map Work - Grades 3rd-6th
  9. Journey to Skagway - Grades 3rd-8th
  10. Postcard from Skagway - Grades 2nd-4th
  11. Hauling Supplies on the Trail - Grades 3rd-8th
  12. Building Boats - Grades 2nd-8th
  13. Arrival in Dawson - Grades 3rd-8th
  14. Panning for Gold - Grades 2nd-8th
  15. Develop a Newspaper - Grades 3rd-8th

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