Tegan Baldwin

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I found my park all around me!

When I came to Skagway, Alaska several years ago to work in a local shop I had no idea that so many of the beautiful spaces and spectacularly restored gold rush buildings around me were part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (KLGO)! As my knowledge of the park grew, my interest in being part of the park was piqued.

When an opportunity to work with the amazing team at KLGO became available, I had to leap at it...

I am now an Administrative Support Assistant at KLGO, and I love my job. I work to help make the internal paperwork gears of the park go smoothly, and I especially enjoy devising and implementing streamline procedures to make my tasks a bit more efficient and painless. I have learned a phenomenal amount about the many inner workings of the park, and I know I have many more to learn, but that is what I enjoy!

A plant, toys, and a man with a sign "I pity the fool!!" sit on a desktop.
Tegan classifies these as "necessary desk objects."

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My job is always challenging and perpetually in motion...,

and that is the way I like it. What an amazing team, what an amazing park!

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Last updated: April 14, 2015

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