Combating invasive plants

July 02, 2016 Posted by: Kylie Mosher

Trying to manage invasive plants can be extremely frustrating but also incredibly rewarding. The war against exotics is everlasting and to be honest, full of losses. However, we do what we can and put up a strong fight—and sometimes we win!

Two coworkers and I cumulatively spent 9 hours last week pulling tall buttercup in Dyea. Though I know it's unrealistic to pull all the tall buttercups in Dyea, by strategically planning locations to manage, infestations can be contained and prevented from spreading to new areas. This is the key to managing invasive species—focusing on what we can realistically do and spreading the word to get the community on board because the more soldiers we have on our side, the better we can fight!

Top invasives that you can be on the lookout for are oxeye daisy, yellow toadflax, and tall buttercup. These are all highly invasive and threaten native species, reducing the diversity of the plant community in Skagway. Check out a more extensive list of invasives to watch for around Skagway.

Composite image l-r: yellow flowers, two white flowers, yellow flowers

If you want to lend a helping head, you can pull invasive plants on your own property and keep an eye out for future community weed-pulls! These are great opportunities to learn more about protecting our native plants from invasives and to offer a hand to make a difference. Together we can win the war!

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Last updated: July 2, 2016

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