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Providing opportunities for appropriate public enjoyment is an important part of the National Park Service mission. Kings Mountain National Military Park is not only a significant historical site, but also holds beautiful natural landscapes which are ideal venues for a variety of special activities. In order to coordinate special park use events, and ensure the preservation of the park's history and resources for the enjoyment of all visitors, most special events and activities held in the park require a special use permit, issued only after the National Park Service (NPS) determines, from the applicant's information, that the activities involved will not impair park values and resources.

Who needs a special use permit?

A special use permit is required for activities that provide a benefit to an individual, group, or organization rather than the public at large, that require some degree of management from the National Park Service to protect park resources and the public interest, and is not initiated, sponsored, or conducted by the National Park Service. These special use permits must be obtained in advance and may require payment of a fee. Some examples of special events that require permits are:

  • Commercial filming and photography: Learn about guidelines and requirements.
  • Commercial tours: Commercial tours are only allowed via a Commercial Use Authorization. The term of a CUA may not exceed 2 years and no preferential right of renewal or similar provisions for renewal may be provided.
  • First Amendment activities: Political events, public assemblies, demonstrations, the distribution of literature, and other similar activities.
  • Scientific research: Research and collection activities within Kings Mountain National Military Park are managed to prevent damage to the resources, to coordinate research activities, and to assist in the application of science to the management of the park.

General Permits

Special events, first amendment activities, and any potential ground-disturbing activities in the park require the issuance of a special use permit.

To Apply:
Fill out the application and mail it to:
338 New Pleasant Road
Gaffney, SC 29341
864-461-2828 x 2102

Last updated: October 3, 2018

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