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Women in the American Revolution

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Eighth Grade
Colonial History, Revolutionary War, Women's History
2 class periods
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
SC: 3-3, 8-2
NC: 3.H.2.2, 8.C.1.3
Women's History, American Revolutionary War


Women had an important role in the Revolution. They were responsible for keeping the everyday activities of the family continuing even though their husbands and sons were off fighting in a war.  They were responsible for securing the food, for preparing and cooking it, for making the cloth and the clothes for the family, for taking care of the children and servants, for continuing the planting and harvesting of crops, and for continuing to run family businesses.


1) name at least two women involved in the War in South Carolina and describe their actions;

2) list three ways women were involved in the war effort.


Not all women stayed at home. In "Turning the World Upside Down," John Tebbel discusses the role of women in camps. He says, ". . . without women the army can’t survive." He points out that most women who were camp followers were the wives of enlisted men and low ranking officers and that these wives did "women'swork" that the soldiers refused to do. They had to cook, launder, try to keep the camp clean, and provide medical treatment.


camp followers

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