Ranger Guided Field Trips

Curriculum Standard
Meets Georgia standards for social studies for grade five in United States History since 1860 (SS5H1 C - Identify major battles and campaigns; SS5H1 E - Describe the effects of war on the North and South); Meets Georgia Reading standards for grade five (ELA5R1 D - Relates a literary work to information about its setting [historically or culturally]; ELA5LSV1 - The student participates in student-to-teacher, student-to-student, and group verbal interactions.

Each program includes the Battlefield's 20-minute film and a project activity.

Program Option 1: "A Kid's Life in Atlanta: 1864" and Park Film
Age Level: 9 - 11 years old
Program Duration: 45 minutes

"A Kid's Life in Atlanta: 1864" takes students through the Battle of Atlanta by exploring the diary of ten-year-old Atlanta resident Carrie Berry. Carrie details the events of the Battle of Atlanta over a one-year period, giving kids today an idea of the difficulties of being a child of war.
Program Option 2: "Life of a Civil War Soldier" Tour and Park Film
Age Level: 7 and up
Program Duration: 45 minutes

"Life of a Civil War Soldier" introduces students to the life of a common Civil War foot soldier. Students will have a chance to learn the drills and marching practices of soldiers, as well as explore the items they carried. This program is given by Civil War uniformed guide/interpreter.
Program Option 3: "What's That Smell? 1860s Hygiene" and Park Film
Age Level: 9 - 11 years old
Program Duration: 45 minutes

When studying history, people never think about the fact that the world didn't smell the same then as it does today. With improved sanitation and hygiene, our world today smells quite differently than it would've in 1864. This program explores Victorian America through our olfactory senses and how people made accommodations for, and hid, unusual smells.
Program Option 4:"Oh, Those Crazy Cannons!"and Park Film
Age Level: 9 - 13 years old
Program Duration: 45 minutes

Ever wonder what all that stuff is on a cannon? How did they make those things work? Were they really that technologically awesome? This program answers all of the above. Students will become acquainted with different types of cannon, their parts, and their uses. They'll also understand the important role that cannons played in determining the outcome of battle.
Program Option 5: "Museum Scavenger Hunt" and Park Film
Age Level: 9 - 13 years old
Program Duration: 45 minutes

The "Museum Scavenger Hunt" encourages students to learn about the National Park Service and Kennesaw Mountain history. The hunt covers Civil War, environmental, and national park history. While searching for the answers, kids can learn while having fun!

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